St Michael Church, 14355 Highland Avenue, Orland Park, IL 60462

Welcome to the Knights of Columbus 

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen Council #10858 

Orland Park, Illinois

Bishop Sheen Council is a Catholic Family, Fraternal Service and Pro-Life Organization dedicated to faith, community, family, youth and fellowship. 

We invite you to look around and get a feel for what we do in our community. We are based out of St. Michael Catholic Church in Orland Park, Illinois. We will meet on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM at Casa Margarita restaurant located on 151st Street and East of La Grange Rd during the renovation at St. Michael Church. We will resume on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm at St. Michael Church in January 2016. Regular council meetings are open to all members in good standing. 

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Monday, August 10, 2015 at 8 PM at Casa Margarita in Orland Park at 151st Street and a little block east of La Grange Rd.

Recent Council Events

Annual Father Leo Lyon's Fishing Outing

Since 1995, the Knights of Columbus Council 10858 has hosted the Father Leo Lyon's Fishing Outing every August near the Orland Park Village Hall. This year, once again, the Orland Fire Protection District, and the Sandburg and Lincoln-Way North Girl's Swim Teams, fished and barbecued with intellectually-disabled adults from Park Lawn. 

This year, on August 16, our council had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed a fun-filled day of fishing. 

First Annual Dinner Dance

Our first annual dinner dance was a success. Thank you to Ika Okla for chairing the event. Thank you to Jacob Hattar and Ayed Alfarah and Domino's Pizza for the food. 

Thanksgiving Mass breakfast 

After Thanksgiving Mass, we held a donuts and coffee gathering in the gym. Thanks to all those who helped out to make this a success (as seen below). The gym was packed with people; a few of our future Squires helped: Vince Noska, Anthony Noska, and Matthew Hawkins. 


Prayers go out 
to the CALIENDO Family

Our council sends their prayers to the Caliendo family and the Sandburg community as they remember and celebrate the life of Jane Caliendo. 

Jane played a major role in our council since 1995, when she began involving the Sandburg Girl's Swim team to the annual Father Leo Lyon's Fishing Outing.

Since 1995, her and her swim teams have fished and barbecued with intellectually-disabled adults at the fishing outing. Through the fishing outing, her athletes have learned the importance of giving back to the community and helping others.Jane will be greatly missed by Council 10858.

If you would like to see pictures of Caliendo and her swim teams, click on the Father Leo Lyon's Fishing Outing Pictures link on the left.

You can also send your thoughts and prayers for the Caliendo family to our council by clicking on the Prayer Request link on the left. 

Grand Knight Steve Haraf's Message:                                 

Brother Knights,

I am honored that you have elected me as Grand Knight of the Bishop Fulton J. Sheen council. When I joined the Knights of Columbus in 2008, I had no intentions of ever becoming a Grand Knight or wearing regalia. I joined the Knights to serve the church and the community. I think that applies to most of us that joined the Knights of Columbus. We joined the Knights because we felt in our hearts an inspiration to serve our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The Knights of Columbus provide various opportunities for us to give something back to our wonderful parish and make the Orland Park community a better place to live.

This year, our Knights of Columbus council needs to continue to lead the St Michaels parish in promoting the Catholic Faith, respecting life, and the sanctity of marriage. The Knights of Columbus has lead these values since 1882 and now each of us need to do our part- individually- to continue in promoting these moral values.

Our council was involved in many wonderful programs last year;  like the fishing outing, tootsie roll drive, marriage renewal, and many more.  As most of you have heard we will be getting the youth of this community involved moving forward. I am pleased to announce we received a letter from Cardinal Goerge approving the new Squires Council, the Father Leo Lyons squires council that will represent St Michaels and the surrounding communities.  I would also like to see our council more involved in Pro-Life, the Knights are of people and FOR People. The Knights of Columbus remain firmly committed to defending the right to life. Through it all, we each need to do our part by inviting friends, neighbors, and family back to the church community. We have probably all been distracted from the church at some point, sometimes a simple invitation will bring people back home, back to the church. Together we can continue to bring people back and continue to build up our church. Remember we are men of faith and men of action.

Some of us including myself have different titles and we are in charge of different roles in this council. It is very important when we perform our different works of charity, we need to work together as a team and be unified! Remember when you take a piece of string and you pull on it by yourself, the string can be easily broken. But when strings are wound together tightly and become a rope, and work in unity, the rope becomes very strong.  Let’s serve our Knights of Columbus council as one big strong rope in unity, and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as his disciples did.

If you have not yet gotten involved in our works, please try to make a stronger effort and get involved!

The future of the Knights and our Lord Jesus Christ are depending on you!

Viva Jesus,

Steven J Haraf