The Knight Pages

Welcome to the "Knight Pages." The following is a listing of some of your brother Knights and the products and services they provide. Please consider giving your business to a brother Knight. You'll get someone you know you can trust, and you'll help support your brothers' business ventures in the process.
*If you would like your business listed here, or have any corrections to a current listing, please contact David Estrada or track him down at the next business meeting.
 Accounting Services
                  Brother:            Peter Murray

Company:                   Peter Murray CPA

Location:                     Murrieta

Phone:                         (951) 265-6630

Services:                      Accounting and Tax Services

Attorneys (See “Legal Services”) 

Business Development Services


                  Brother:            Jorge M Perez Ponce

                  Company:                  Business Services International

                  Location:                    Murrieta

                  Phone:                        (703) 587-6434

                  Services:                     International and Cross-Cultural Business Development



Brother:              Arturo Zecena

                  Company:                     FX Cabinets

                  Location:                       City of Industry

                  Phone:                           (909) 229-6194

                  Services:                        Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Sales and Design Services

Doctors (See "Medical Services") 
Electrical Services


Brother:               Sean Smith

                  Company:                       SGS Electric

                  Location:                         Murrieta

                  Phone:                             (951) 907-1584

                  Services:                          Residential and Commercial Electrician

Financial Services


Brother:               John Pica

                  Company:                       Lombardo Mortgage Co.

                  Location:                         Murrieta

                  Phone:                             (951) 595-0551

                  Services:                          Full-Service Financial and Real Estate

Insurance Services


Brother:             Daniel Bergamo

                  Company:                     Allstate Insurance

                  Location:                       Sun City

                  Phone:                           (951) 672-4936

                  Services:                        Auto, Home, Commercial Insurance Services


Brother:             Hank Bosi

                  Company:                     Hank Bosi Agency

                  Location:                      Murrieta

                  Phone:                          (951) 698-7129

                  Services:                       Specializing in Medicare


Brother:             James Freeman

                  Company:                    American National Property & Casualty

                  Location:                      Murrieta

                  Phone:                          (951) 403-3533

                  Services:                       Home, Auto, Motorcycle, RV, Classic Auto Insurance Services

Legal Services


Brother:             Victor Bermudez

                  Company:                    Advocates for Faith & Freedom

                  Location:                      Murrieta

                  Phone:                          (951) 304-7583

                  Services:                       Religious Liberty Law Firm


Brother:             Stephen A Lindsley, Esq.

                  Company:                    Law Offices of Stephen A Lindsley

                  Location:                      Temecula

                  Phone:                          (951) 296-1698

                  Services:                       Corporate Legal Services

Medical Services


Brother:            Laurence Boggeln, MD

                  Company:                   Temecula Valley Family Medicine

                  Location:                      Temecula

                  Phone:                         (951) 676-8868

                  Services:                      Palliative Care and Hospice Care

Painting Services


Brother:            Jeff Gehl

                  Company:                   Jeff Gehl Custom Painting

                  Location:                     Murrieta

                  Phone:                         (951) 698-5770

                  Services:                      Interior & Exterior Painting, Cabinet Staining, Baseboards, Crown Molding

Private Investigative Services


Brother:            Christopher Francescon

                  Company:                   Relevant Investigations

                  Location:                     Temecula

                  Phone:                         (951) 326-0918

                  Services:                      Private Investigation


Brother:            Rick Gentillalli

                  Company:                   Gentillalli & Assosicates CiiA

                  Location:                     Murrieta

                  Phone:                         (951) 553-3195

                  Services:                      Private Investigation

Real Estate Services


Brother:             Frank Delzompo

                  Company:                    Sand to Sea Properties, Inc.

                  Location:                     Temecula/Murrieta

                  Phone:                         (951) 326-7330

                  Services:                      Residential Property Management & Real Estate Sales


Brother:            Michael O’Donnell

                  Company:                   Rancon Real Estate

                  Location:                     Murrieta

                  Phone:                         (951) 200-2369

                  Services:                      Real Estate Sales & Consulting


Brother:            Richard Parzonko

                  Company:                   Coldwell Banker

                  Location:                     Temecula

                  Phone:                         (951) 294-7177

                  Services:                      Commercial Real Estate Services


Brother:            John Pica

                  Company:                   Lombardo Mortgage Co.

                  Location:                     Murrieta

                  Phone:                         (951) 595-0551

                  Services:                      Full-Service Real Estate and Financial Services

Refrigeration, Commercial


Brother:            Tom Smolinski

                  Company:                    Hoshizaki Western DC

                  Location:                      Brea

                  Phone:                          (714) 671-1423

                  Services:                       Commercial Ice Machines & Refrigeration



Brother:            Scott Meeker

                  Company:                   Security Design Service

                  Location:                     Winchester

                  Phone:                         (951) 479-3512

                  Services:                      Safes for Home & Business

Tax Services


Brother:             Vincent Griffith

                  Company:                    Vincent J Griffith CPA

                  Location:                     Temecula

                  Phone:                         (951) 296-2585

                  Services:                      Tax Services


Brother:             Peter Murray

                  Company:                    Peter Murray CPA

                  Location:                     Murrieta

                  Phone:                         (951) 265-6630

                  Services:                      Tax and Accounting Services


Brother:            Helmut Schneider

                  Company:                   RAO Accounting Office

                  Location:                     Lake Elsinore

                  Phone:                         (626) 675-3933

                  Services:                      Income Tax Services