We're growing!

    Welcome to our little corner of heaven. We started our farm with five acres, a tiller, and a free turkey...(it's a long story!)  We have grown to 25 acres, 2 tractors, and nearly 100 birds!
    We sell produce at farmers markets in Hampton, Iowa Falls, Dumont, and Fort Dodge.The last two years we have also offered CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). We also sell directly from the farm.
     Last year we added a 30' by 72' high tunnel structure, which should allow us to produce garden treats earlier in the season and later into the fall. Another structure that is 20' by 80' is up, but needs the end walls and plastic installed. It's in the works to complete this as soon as the ground thaws enough for the posts and supports to be anchored into the ground.
     We are also involved in the local foods movement, with our involvement in the Fresh on the Farm event. This is our "Farm Crawl", where people are invited to visit three farms in the county. This year it was held on September 20 from noon-5 pm.  We are also involved in the Farm to Fork meal, which looks like it will be a progressive event in Hampton.  Locally grown food will be prepared in different locations within walking distance from each other. We're looking at the end of August for this event.  

Matt and Karen Koenig
1510 110th Street
Hampton, Iowa 50441