Koen Hufkens

post-doctoral research associate

Isotope Bioscience Laboratory
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Ghent University
Coupure Links 653
9000, Gent, Belgium

email: koen.hufkens _at-character_ ugent.be / koen.hufkens _at-character_ gmail.com

This is the science blog of Koen hufkens. I’m a post-doc at Ghent University and have particular interest in biogeography, climate and land use / land cover change, carbon / nutrient cycling and stable isotope analysis.

As a result, most of my work has a multidisciplinary character bordering with mathematics, physics and chemistry. A more detailed and most up to date overview of my work can be found in the publications section. In addition my CV can be downloaded in pdf format in the download section.

This blog/site has several purposes. First and foremost I created this blog to document dealing with MODIS data products and to consolidate answers to frequently asked questions. In addition this is repository of R, python, perl, bash and other code snippets that enable people to process remote sensing or other data, do statistical analysis and aid in the generation of pleasing publishing quality graphs.

Second, I will occasionally blog and re-blog some posts on the net concerning geoscience, GIS, data management, statistics, environmental science, ecology, etc etc.