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Articles, Reviews, Podcasts about Consuming War

April 6 - 28 The Emergency Show at POLVO with Kim Frieders, Jaime Mendoza, Miguel Cortez and CarianaCarianne.  1458 W. 18th St. 1R.
April 26 - 30:  The Artist Project, part of Art Chicago at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. Come see War Rug Prints, Grenade Cosies, Buddha at the Hot Dog Stand and other artworks.  I think its free!
Mapping the Self, at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Wow! I'm on UTube, making the Silk Road War Rug. Click here to see this video from the Nude Hippo Show : )
November - January 2008: I'm curating many artists I admire into Consuming War at the Hyde Park Art Center. Works addressing the US conflict in the Mideast and its ramifications at home and abroad.

December: With POLVO, I will be participating with several other artists in the Pool Art Fair, part of Art Miami Basel, at the Cavalier Hotel in Miami Beach from December 7 - 10.
2007 Chicago Birthday Calender: The Chicago Office of Tourism commissioned me and my husband Tim Samuelson to create a calender for 2007. Replete with Chicago-related birthdays, poetry, original and historic artwork, it is a lovely evolution of our own personal calender that we've given as a gift to friends for over 10 years. You can purchase it online at for the low low price of $6.00, and also T-shirts for each month. Check it out!

Summer 2006:
Several War Rugs were on display at the Silk Road Oasis,
72 E. Randolph Street, across from the Chicago Cultural Center. The exhibition ran from June 30 - October 1, 2006.

I made a special installation of a new spice war at the Oasis from July 28 - August 1. It was on display until September 23, when I made 3 prints and then destroyed it.

Silk Road Chicago is a year-long festival initiated by renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma, and sponsored by the Chicago Office of Tourism, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Spring 2006
Look for me and Jackie Kazarian as outlaw A, at the NOVA Art Fair, April 27 - 30, 2006 Nova Art Fair is located at the City Suites Hotel, 933 W. Belmont, Chicago IL 60657. (773) 404-3400.

Stitched in Time at Mess Hall
Several Grenade cosies were in the exhibition, "Stitched in Time" this past May.