Sebastian Koehne
Assistant Professor
Institute for International Economic Studies

Stockholm University
10691 Stockholm, Sweden
Email: firstname.lastname at
Phone: +46 8 16 35 64

Welcome to my website!

My research focuses on public economics and macroeconomics. In particular, I study factors influencing economic inequality and uncertainty and I derive implications for the design of tax and social insurance policies.

Curriculum Vitae: PDF


On the taxation of durable goods, International Economic Review (forthcoming)

Optimal income taxation when asset taxation is limitedJournal of Public Economics, 2016, Vol. 136, pp. 14-29, with Arpad Abraham and Nicola Pavoni, Working Paper

Optimal taxation in a habit formation economy, Journal of Public Economics, 2015, Vol. 122, pp. 31-39, with Moritz Kuhn, Online Appendix, Working Paper

Should unemployment insurance be asset tested?, Review of Economic Dynamics, 2015, Vol. 18(3), pp. 575-592, with Moritz Kuhn, CodeWorking Paper

On the first-order approach in principal-agent models with hidden borrowing and lending, Journal of Economic Theory, 2011, Vol. 146(4), pp. 1331-1361, with Arpad Abraham and Nicola Pavoni

Selected works in progress

Pareto-efficient tax breaks, with Dominik Sachs, CESifo Working Paper No. 6147

Distributional consequences of medical progress, with Moritz Kuhn

Break-up of unions: Risk sharing in dynamic groups, with Tessa Bold and Tobias Broer

Policy work

Optimal taxation in practice: Lessons for the Swedish tax system, Report to Riksrevisionen (Swedish National Audit Office), 2017