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I have been collecting beer advertising from all of Erie, Pennsylvania's Breweries for more than 30 years and decided to move some of my collection pictures to the internet so that I could show it off.

I am always looking for any Erie beer advertising items to add to my collection. Some Erie beer brands were Consumers' Beer, Vacuum Export, and Champagne Ale from the Consumers' Brewing Co. Waynebrew, Wayne Beer, and Champagne Ale from the Wayne Brewing Co. Imperial Beer, Old Dobbin Ale, Yacht Club Beer, Koehler's Beer from the Erie Brewing Co. German Type Beer from the Perry Brewing Co. Cascade from the Cascade Brewing Co. And many others! I also buy old beer cans, bottles, and signs from other breweries. If you have anything you are willing to sell or know someone who does:

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 A brief history of brewing in Erie, PA


Erie, Pennsylvania had more than 88 known brewers who operated at least 25 different breweries. The first of these was David McNair in 1815. The most recent is the "new" Erie Brewing Co., brewing Mad Anthoney Ale, Railbender, and Presque Isle Pilsener, Brewerie at Union Station, and Lavery Brewing Co.  Erie only had a handful of major breweries, these are listed here.


Downer & Howard which became E.J. Howard, which became Consumers' in 1899, and finally became Wayne Brewing Co. in 1907.  Wayne closed in 1951.

Eagle Brewery, bought by Jackson Koehler in 1883, which became the Jackson Koehler

 Branch of The Erie Brewing Co. in 1899. Closed in March 1978.

Fred. Koehler & Co., which became a branch of the Erie Brewing Co.,also in 1899.  Used as Erie Pure Ice Co. during prohibition. 

C.M. Conrads' National Brewery, which became a branch of the Erie Brewing Co., also in 1899.

West End Brewery, which became Cascade Brewing Co., which became the Cascade Branch of the Erie Brewing Co. in 1899 and closed in 1902.

Frank Vogt's Hopedale Brewery, which became Perry Brewing Co. in 1914. Closed in 1920 with Prohibition.

Only the Wayne Brewing Co. and the Jackson Koehler Branch of the Erie Brewing Co. opened after Prohibition.


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The 4 Erie Brewing Co. Branchs. Look at the sign with the employees of the Fred Koehler




Turn of the century corner signs, the green sign is metal. The white sign is glass.  



My first Koehler Beer sign! A TOC open and closed sign.



A great tray from around 1906.

These vac formed plastic signs from the late 1950s are hard to find! 


A small pocket mirror from the early 1900s.



WAYNE BREWING CO. Flow blue pottery


Pour A Koehler Collar! A chalk shelf sign from the 1950s.


A 1960's Koehler Beer neon. Always looking for more of these for my collection! 

A pre 1955 Koehler's Beer neon. YES, this one is very RARE!


After the "'s" was dropped in 1955. 

An early 1960s neon with the "wave" shape


An Erie Brewing Company tray from 1900.



A pre prohibition Erie tip tray!


Wayne Brewing Co. circa 1912


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