The Teachers

Project Co-ordinator

Tim Meek

I spent 8-9 years as a primary teacher (ICT coordinator) in Berkshire then London before taking time out to travel. Returned and took a position as an educationl software designer at Sherston Software. Completed a Masters in ICT in Education at Nottingham LSRI in 2007. Currently employed in digital educational publishing.

Project Co-ordinator

Russ Payne

I spent 11 years teaching in primary schools in Gloucestershire, with the last four as deputy head. During this time I became increasingly interested in how ICT could capture imaginations, enhance learning and expand teaching opportunities. An advert in the TES for 'Educational Designer' at Sherston Software caught my eye in 2001. This seemed a most natural step, extending my passion for teaching and my conviction that well designed educational software could transform learning. I continue to work  in digital educational publishing, in which I strive to encompass regular 'on the ground' work in primary schools.