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ST Session 3

Wow, what a great interrogation of the book we had in the first part of this session.

The children have clearly enjoyed reading the book so much - and are able to 'engage' with it so well. Today we analysed how Michael Morpurgo draws the reader in to the book in the Setting by some clever literary techniques/devices:
  • the character's childhood memories
  • Aunt Laura's diary and letter
  • the 'Zanzibar' mystery

Pupils worked with whiteboards, their copy of the book... and took notes as we discussed the themes behind the story and the author's techniques and referred to the book for supporting quotes.

This work continued into analysis of the  'Complication' that Morpurgo set-up:
  • tensions between Billy and his father
  • Laura's relationship (close) with her brother and her angst at the thought of being separated from him (if he left their tiny island for a new life)
  • the worst day of Laura's life! - when Billy leaves
  • destruction of the island (buildings) and the animals that the islanders rely on
  • Loss of home and feeling of being prisoners - they can't even leave due to prolonged storms
We drew upon work we did in Week 2 as we identified how the weather in the book is reflecting the events/feelings of the characters e.g. the brewing storm (as tensions between Billy and his father build).

Kodu focus:
We looked at a skills progression that I had created in the form of a self assessment certificate - it covers skills from using land tools through to creatables and using variables.

This certificate is a good motivator and it helps the children identify where they are and where they are trying to get to in terms of becoming confident and able coders!

It also means that pupils can work through the skills at their own pace.

All of the skills the pupils are developing are demonstrated within the Wreck of the Zanzibar files they are building - which is ultimately leading towards the building of a mini 'gig race' game :o)

In the screen (left) the pupil's character has been coded to vanish and create a controllable boat when it is over the green water type - thus setting up the makings for a boat (gig) race which is a key climatic scene in the Wreck of Zanzibar story.

It also requires some refined use of the land tools too :o)