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ST Session 1

The scene was set and the coding began...

Literally, we read the opening pages of The Wreck of the Zanzibar and discussed:

- The unusual approach of their being two 'voices'; Michael and Aunt Laura; and how the use of itallics helped distinguish the two voices in a visual way.

- The setting; a good grasp of the setting is key for helping pupils understanding and empathising with some of the 'tensions' in the book (life of the island, Billy's desire to leave, the family's (and community's) struggles as their plight to survive on Bryher becomes increasingly difficult.

- Book cover; the new cover  (see left) of The Wreck of the Zanzibar is very different to the original and is great for stimulating discussions about what the story is about. The 'mysterious' and almost cryptic nature of the cover image will be a good reference point as the story is read - it will reveal meaning and compliment the narrative events that unfold as the story is read.

- Kodu work; time was short so an initial 'play' with Kodu was all we could manage. It was interesting that this able and literate group we not as familiar with the 'game' environment e.g. navigation and control of the 3D environment caused some initial difficulties. But, I'm happy to say that the pupils quickly grew in confidence and competence with the use of the Xbox controllers and the Kodu environment. 

The children were very keen and motivated, so I'm sure they will progress well. NB the children were asked to read the book for next week so we can focus on analysis and interrogation of the story and then maximise the time developing ideas within Kodu. 

Roll on next week :o)