2. Story Tellers

The second project in progress is called Story Tellers - a book-based project designed to exploit the creative, immersive and engaging Kodu environment to stimulate the development of pupils' understanding of story narrative.

This project is being run over 5 weeks and involves Year 5 pupils and will integrate into the school curriculum/teacher's planning.

Narrative stimulus:

Michael Morpurgo's 'The Wreck of the Zanzibar'

Other resources used:
Strengths of this project include:
  1. High levels of engagement: this is a key driver for the project, and  Kodu in itself is can  hugely motivational. Tap into this with able readers who are self motivated learners and some potent literacy work is afforded.

  2. The creative outcomes for the project are not only interactive 'written' stories in the Kodu environment, but also the construction of immersive atmospheric 'scenes' and the development of  creative narrative through the programming of intractive games.

  3. This project will fit into a mainstream context; forming part of the delivery of the Literacy curriculum and integrating into the school's day-to-day planning.

Weekly session commentary can be found below...