Session 1

posted 9 May 2010, 11:36 by tim meek   [ updated 2 Jun 2010, 13:47 ]
This was really just a familiarisation session, designed to achieve the following: 

- Collect reactions from the children about attitudes to school, in particular to story writing.

- Discuss the film Monsters Vs Aliens, and the different media the story is available in.

- Think about Growth Mindset principles i.e. value: effort, perseverence, hard work, determination

- Introduce pupils to Kodu and the language and liberation of games making.

Key lesson notes and files are attached below.

Kodude reflection:
"We had a go on other people's creations then made up our own, and we are building up a new part of Monsters Vs Aliens each week (using the XBox controller). I am excited about making the Monsters Vs Aliens story and having fun with my friends on it."