Session 8

This was the final Kodudes session - as things were coming to a natural conclusion and 'end of term' was approaching and thus school trips, holidays etc would make it difficult to sustain the momentum. That said, what a great session to end on!

Pictured left - the Kodudes showing off their certificates and USB sticks.

Session highlights:

- Recap of story analysis to date - it was great to see that the group had retained so much understanding of the story plot so far.

- We then covered the final chapters of the story via me reading and the pupils taking notes. It was a really good exercise for them; recapping on note taking skills and for them to hone in on the key events in the final phases of the story. So, the pupils made notes, noted key vocabulary and discussed the final plot developments taking into account Susan's character transformation etc

- The group then worked really hard to 'write' the final story points in the story schema.

- When the writing was complete pupils were shown how to 'hack' into the XML file so as to be able to extract it from the Kodu environment.


- The text was then used in a word processor (Word) and the children used the tools such as spell checker and formatting tools to start to re-edit and re-format the text.

All that was left was to save the work files, congratulate the children for their hard work and achievements, and present the Kodudes certificates and USB sticks (with Kodu program, drivers and project templates).

Kodudes... what a great project with tangible evidence of success and achievement!

Well done everyone :o)