Session 6

What a great session!

Great focused reading and discussion of the 'second complication' phase of the Monsters Vs Aliens story.. and great motivation and determination towards the written work in Kodu.

Session highlights:

Story analysis: Today we focused on the Junior Novel versions of the Monsters V Aliens story. The group enjoyed reading aloud and discussing the story plot. We refered regularly  to the story schema to discuss how the reader is taken from a high point (initial climax/resolution) down to a low point as events result in the unfolding of the second complication.

Some paraphrased comments (below) demonstrate the depth of understanding the group has of the story and their appreciation of it - an appreciation that never existed despite them having watched the film:

"I can see [from the story schema] that the ending is going to be more uplifting than the initial climax/resolution."

" Monster V Aliens is a really interesting story, isn't it."

Building the next story point in Kodu:
The group worked solidly to enter the text for the retelling of the initial resolution and the second complication.

They we keen to read out their work as it developed and share their ideas for good phrases, sentences or word choices.

Coding focus:
we touched on creatables last week, so this week we worked through the steps needed to create an object e.g. Light,  that was programmed to generate clones of another (Master) object e.g. Turtles.

All of the group mastered this and began enhancing the code to make these created objects follow the user's character when the game was run.

Some of the group then made the creatables disappear when their health reached zero (after bieing shot by blips)

In the time remaining, the group began to plan and build the physical environment for the Main Climax/Resolution of the Monsters V Aliens story.

This involved building a 2-roomed environment that had a door that was locked (blocked by an object).

This sets the scene for the introduction of the next coding skill/concept... variables! Next week the group will learn how to use a Score A variable to control the locking/unlocking of the doorway.

This week was a tough session because we were working with more advanced coding concepts (Creatables) and introducing the concept of variables... The boys had also focused really hard on the story analysis and writing tasks.

Everyone left the session satisfied with their efforts and achievements :o)

Key lesson notes and files are attached below.