Session 5

posted 21 May 2010, 07:51 by tim meek   [ updated 16 Jul 2010, 09:37 ]
The group worked really hard on what was a very hot and humid afternoon.

Due to illness, the group was 5-strong, which meant all the boys had their own laptop and Xbox controller again :o)

The group arrived promptly after registration and were enthusiastic to get started - which is a reflection of just how gripped they are with this project work.

Session highlights:

- Diary writing:  pupils recapped on last week's work after reminding themselves of last week's work. Eventhough they tried hard with their diary entries, it was clear that they were keen to get onto Kodu and continue their coding work :o)

- Story plot analysis: This week we focused on the Initial Climax of the Monsters Vs Aliens story. We discussed how the Alien robot landing (and the President's commically inept attempt to 'connect' with it) led to th Monsters Vs Aliens plan.. thing.  This gave Susan a sense of hope for a better future and led into a very dramatic and exciting head-to-head with the alien robot that saw Susan recognise her inner and physical strengths.

- Building the next story point in Kodu: the next 30mins saw the group knuckling down to some focused story writing based around the development of the plot. They worked hard to express their ideas and review/edit their writing, striving for quality.

- Coding focus: this weeks coding focus was to take an initial look at:
1. creatables and cloning
2. using glyph codes to 'illustrate' the instructions for their mini games.

Overall, a tiring (due to weather and hard work put in) but rewarding session - well done Kodudes!