Session 3

posted 14 May 2010, 23:25 by tim meek   [ updated 2 Jun 2010, 13:48 ]
This week we had a couple of additional pupils join our the Kodu project - which was great, but it did mean pupils had to share Xbox controllers (prior to this pupils had their own controller).

Session 3 highlights:

- Diary update - recap on last week's work; plot analysis; coding focus

- Next point on story schema: pupils watched and discussed the 'initial complication' of the Monsters Vs Aliens narrative. 

- Vocabulary/phrase brainstorm: two short tasks were completed to generate words and phrases based on two key elements of the narrative study: drama/excitement - when Susan grows into Ginormica and causes mayhem and fear amongst wedding guests; character empathy - when Susan's future looks bleak and she's detained.

-  Story building in Kodu: pupils reconstructed the initial complication of the Monsters Vs Aliens story into their Kodu file, using the <say> action to generate text-based popups to punctuate the story schema. They did really well with generating excitement/action in their first paragraph and empathy for the main character, Susan, when portraying her feelings/sense of despair.

- Scene building: further work was spent enhancing the story scenes, including adding and fine tuning some of the interactive elements.

- Optional homework task: pupils we asked to write a persuasive letter to Microsoft explain the Kodu project, what they were learning about narrative and story writing, and games making... and to explain how they were now having to share Xbox controllers. The aim of the letter was to try and persuade Microsoft to donate some Xbox controllers and thus enable pupils to work with increased access to Kodu, through each pupil having their own controller. 3 of the 6 completed the task and the quality of their letters was pleasing. The letters were scanned and emailed to Andrew Sithers at Microsoft and he kindly sent a response to the pupils which pleased them enormously :o)

Key lesson notes and files are attached below.

Kodude Reflection:
"The initial complication is when Susan starts growing and she breaks through the roof and then the FBI come. They shoot her with a tranquilizer and she falls to the ground."

"This week we learnt how to use different actions like damage, health and shoot."