Session 2

posted 14 May 2010, 09:21 by tim meek   [ updated 2 Jun 2010, 13:47 ]
Due to a school trip to London, a number of pupils couldn't make thes ession this week, but those that did made EXCELLENT progress.

This week's session covered:

- writing a diary entry for the previous week's work

- watching and discussing the 'setting the scene' and 'trigger' for the Monsters Vs Aliens story. We also compared how these elements of the story polt were covered  in the different media: film; junior novel; younger reader

- writing stimulus: pupils were given images of meteorites and asked to collaboratively brainstorm descriptive words and phrases.

- Story building in Kodu: pupils used their creative word/phrase banks as they reconstructed the story 'setting' and 'trigger' directly into Kodu. The <say> action command was used to create story point 'popups' when the Kodu story file is experienced in play mode. The children did some lovely descriptive writing :o)

- Scene building: pupils can exploring the land tools to create some key scence form the story narrative - these scenes have some interactivity to them and nicely punctuate the story schema.

Key lesson notes and files are attached below.

Kodude Reflection:
"This week we did the first part of the story with quite a lot of WOW words. I made my sentences quite big. We were thinking about the trigger and the setting the scene.

We made a robot and a bridge and made a tree with some apples underneath so it looked like an apple tree."