4. Kodudes Passport

The Kodudes Passport project takes the Kodudes Premier Stories concept but frames it within a home/distance learning scenario through they will develop narrative skills, write creatively, learn to use the Kodu environment to build 3D story scenes, learn the basic Kodu functions and programmng concepts.

Children will be able to work through a series of carefully structured 'learning checkpoints'' (featuring narrative focus and Kodu coding foci) in their own time and from home.

As children complete the Kodudes Passport checkpoints, they will be building up their own Kodu file which they will ultimately submit (via email) for review.

Subject to satisfying the 'learning checkpoints', they will receive a Kodudes Passport which recognises their efforts and achievements, and their readiness for free 'travel' within the World of Kodu :o)

Aims of Kodudes Passport:
  • To engage children in narrative study, creative writing opportunities and games making/coding skills within an informal learning context.

  • Equip children with the skills, competencies and confidence associated with story writing and games coding.
Resources used:

Monsters v Aliens Junior Novel from Harper Collins - for the children involved with the Passport Trial, these will be provided for free.

Purpose-made tutorial videos covering the main Kodu concepts and coding progression required to complete the Kodudes Passport.
  • ¬†Intro to Kodu; import template; build/play modes; Controls (camera zoom/move); saving
  • Use of land tools (add, raise/lower, change type etc)
  • Coding - conventions; menus; try and refine; Viewing code; editing code; undo/redo; editing text in a 'Say' callout
  • Adding objects: resizing; moving; colours.. programing controls of 1st person character: up/down; fire; When see then <?>
  • Paths - creating and following
  • Creatables
  • Variables

Passpoint Learning Checkpoints
- support materials that describe and support each learning checkpoint so that children have the support they need to work through to the completion of the Kodudes Passport.
  • Session 1: load template file; navigate in Play mode and Build mode; experiment with land tools
    > Setting the scene story stimulus
    > Writing prompt

  • Session 2: build crater scene

Coming Soon - Turorials and supporting documents.