Welcome to Kodudes!

Kodudes is a series of small ICT-based projects that is currently running in Nottinghamshire and Wiltshire with Year 5 pupils.
The projects integrate high-interest media resources, high-quality children's books, focussed literacy work, and state of the art Microsoft software (available as a FREE download).

Kodudes has been designed to stimulate reading and writing and to engage pupils in:
  • Focused use of media resources and books, and engagement with film and text based narrative
  • Story structure / plot analysis
  • Creative writing (in a range of text types)
  • 3D story scene creation and modelling
  • Game design and programming
Kodudes is already proving very popular with the pupils involved; the attitudes to work, engagement and quality of the work produced suggest this creative project and its pupil-centred approach will have some succesful outcomes.

"It is wonderful to see previously dis-engaged boys eagerly writing and wanting to do more!" Jackie Holden, Headteacher.

"The children come back to the class after their Kodu work and they are buzzing!" Class teacher.

What is KODU?

Kodu Game Lab is a FREE piece of software from Microsoft which has been designed to engage pupils in the process of creative game making.
Originally a game for the Xbox platform, Kodu Game Lab is now freely available for the PC – released January 2010.
Many innovative teachers are beginning to use Kodu to support the school curriculum, partly because of it’s motivational impact (children love the fact that they can interact with Kodu Game Lab using an Xbox controller), but also because it fits well into the school curriculum.
Kodu is the 'software of choice' for the Kodudes project because of the way it lends itself to the modelling of a 3D navaigable story schema and 3D story scenes that can punctuate the children's retelling of the focus narrative.
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