Testing Requirements

The table below lists minimum requirements for ranks.  However all ranking and promotions are at the discretion of the Dojo Cho.
 RankDays Since Previous Rank Cost
 7th nanakyu 4 Gi
 6th rokkyu 20 Dues
 5th gokyu 30 Dues + ¥3,000 +  ¥8,000**
 4th yonkyu 40 Dues + ¥3,000
 3rd sankyu 50 Dues + ¥3,000
 2nd nikyu 50 Dues + ¥3,000
 1st ikkyu 60 Dues + ¥3,000
* Rates are subject to change due to the exchange rate from USD to JPY
** Aikikai Federation Kyu Registration Fee
Important Principles
  • Relaxation
  • Rhythm
  • Timing
  • Execution speed
  • Balance and Center
  • Breathing
  • Attitude
  • Etiquette
  • Connection
  • Rolling and Falling Technique
Testing procedures
    Initial Bowing for Testing
    1. Nage and Uke will shikko up to the examiners(usually three) who are administering the test
    2. Bow to Kamiza/O'Sensei
    3. Bow to Examiners
    4. Bow to each other
    During Testing
    1. Preform each technique numerous times on both sides until examiners say stop
    2. Kneel facing each other between techniques
    Final Bowing for Testing
    1. Bow to each other
    2. Bow to examiners
    3. Bow to Kamiza/O'Sensei
    4. Nage and Uke will shikko back to their position in the line
Things to Remember
  • Only test to the level one feels comfortable, not the level at the edge of completion
  • Bowing should reflect one's composures and self assurance
  • Posture and facial expression should convey composure and being at ease
  • Always remain centered
  • Breathing patterns is extremely important in testing, endeavor to keep a natural rhythm when you breath
  • Maintain positive attitude and respect before and after testing
  • Training on your own, with a partner, or group other than class time is beneficial
  • It is important to remain calm even if struggling with a technique with a particular partner
  • Uke is tested on how they respond to Nage's technique, it is important to flow with the technique
  • Techniques will start on Nage's left side where Uke should match Nage
  • Good rolling and falling technique is very important for testing
  • Uke should be sincere and honest giving clear and strong attacks at a level Nage can respond and work with to complete the technique
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