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Sensei Truman Capone, Yondan (Dojo Cho)

I first began my training in the martial arts in 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at sixteen years of age I was introduced to the art of karate. I began with the study of Okinawan Kempo, leading to Tae Kwon Do. I studied these arts in conjunction with an athletic career as a wrestler in high school and then obtaining a scholarship as a college wrestler at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. In college I continued my ecletic study of karate-do and continued until 1986 after twenty years of study in the external style and obtaining the rank of nidan. Karate was exciting and exhilarating to me, but injuries to the body and the competitive nature of the art gave me a change of heart.

In 1986 at the age of 36, I began practicing the internal arts of Tai-chi , yoga and Hsing-i. In 1988 I discovered aikido and began my lifelong pursuit. Since this time I have concentrated my study towards aikido and these internal martial art forms. I currently hold the rank of y0ndan in aikido acting as head instructor of the Kodokan Aikido of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

The discovery of aikido has greatly enriched my life and my outlook on the martial arts. I would like to thank all my mentors and teachers that have opened up their art, heart and philosophy to me so I might further teach aikido to those who also want to learn this art.

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