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Dojo Policies

  • All students need to be at the room dressed in Gi and ready to start Aikido 10 minutes before scheduled class time to help setup the dojo.
  • Aikido relies on partner practice in order to facilitate learning.
  • If there are less than 4 students before class, practice maybe cancelled.
  • If you know you are going to be late or not going to be at Aikido for any reason email the Sensei’s or tell them at the next class. If you need the Sensei’s email address or phone number ask them for it or contact Nadine to get it.
  • If you do not plan on coming back to class for the rest of the semester, please email or tell a Sensei you are not going to practice Aikido.
  • For weekend and open mat times the Sensei or senior student planning to teach needs to know by end of class on Thursday’s how many students plan to attend.
  • Keep fingernails and toenails cut short.
  • Wear a clean Gi for every Aikido class.
  • Avoid wearing anything that can scrape, wound your practice partner, or be ripped off during practice. This includes removing all watches, rings, necklaces, piercing studs, etc. before starting class or cover them with medical tape if they can't be removed.
  • All decisions on class cancellation, students coming in late participating in Aikido class, etc will be the decision of the Sensei or senior student teaching class.  
  • If you come in late quietly sit at the edge of the mat until a Sensei acknowledges you to come onto the mat.
  • If you need to leave the mat for any reason let a Sensei know.
  • If you get hurt during Aikido class let a Sensei know.