Kodokan Aikido USA, Blacksburg, VA

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Welcome to Blacksburg's Kodokan Aikido USA Dojo

Dojo Cho
Truman Capone
— Yondan

 Jon Harris — Yondan
Chris Thornton — Sandan

Nadine Edwards — Shodan

Contact us if you would like to visit.
Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:30 pm
Saturdays 2:00 pm
War Memorial Gym Dance Room

About Aikido:
Aikido is known as the art of peace, and a practitioner strives to protect oneself, others, and even the opponent by controlling the three centers of the encounter. We learn the art of taking balance, which doesn't require strength but relies on flexibility and precise movement. Our club has strong ties with Japanese culture, with all of our belt tests being evaluated at the Kodokan Aikido dojo of Okazaki Japan. This allows our belt levels and associated Aikikai card to be carried over to any Aikikai school in the world.