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About KodaRoamers:
"To promote and develop our skills in, and appreciation for,
the beauties around us portrayed in photography
 through the mutual exchange of our experience and knowledge,
and through expert help made available by the club."
KodaRoamers was formed in 1944 and is a member of both the Photographic Society of America (PSA)
and the Central Illinois Camera Clubs Association (CICCA).
KodaRoamers Camera Club is among 30 clubs that comprise one of seven PSA competition divisions. PSA has four digital image contests per year. Members are encouraged to submit up to four digital images in each contest. Judging is done at workshops usually in September, November, January and March, with the top six club images being forwarded to PSA.
The Central Illinois Camera Clubs Association (CICCA) is made up of 12 clubs in Central Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. CICCA events include the Fall Salon in which KodaRoamers may enter up to eight digital images and eight prints which will be judged locally with the forty best images in each catagory being forwarded to CICCA.
KodaRoamers also participate in annual competitions with the Champaign County Camera Club and the Peoria and Quad Cities Camera Clubs in addition to various inter-club contests and the annual KodaRoamer Salon in May. Recently initiated were ventures with the McLean County Arts Center with recurring exhibitions at the Center.

2017-18 Officers
                        President                  David Weber
                        Historian                  John Vogel
                        Chaplain                   Herb Knudsen
                        Challenges                Denise O'Brien - I74
                                                            Andrea Monninger - Peoria
                        Club Salon                Michael O'Brien
                                                            Andrea Monninger
                                                            Vandana Bajikar
                        Facebook Admin    Andrea Monninger

                    Vice-President            Charlene Zimmerman
                    Treasurer                     Ed Ramos
                    Publicity                       Denise & Michael O'Brien
                    CICCA Rep                  Andrea Monninger
                                                           Vandana Bajikar
                    PSA Rep                        Mike Lux
                                                            Vandana Bajikar
                    Newsletter                    Erlinda Arreola
                    Web Site                        Michael O'Brien

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