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2017 CICCA Fall Salon:  limit 8 prints and 8 digital (note: 1400 x 1050 max image size for CICCA) (more info here)
                        2017 CICCA Fall Salon Entry Form Here          Print Labels here
           Sept 10, 2017: Deadline to submit prints to Andrea Monninger
            Sept 12, 2017: Deadline to submit digital images to Denise O'Brien (denise@kodaroamers.com)
                Digital naming: Cat-image#-club#-comp#-title.jpg,   i.e.  A-003-12-055-SummerFlower.jpg
            Sept 14 Workshop; pre-judging to select 50 digital images for CICCA
PSA Projected Image Division:   limit 4 images, (1024 x 768)
            Any subject matter with no restrictions on manipulation.
            Best 6 images from 6 different members are sent to PSA.
Submit digital images to Vandana Bajikar (vandana.kodaroamers@yahoo.com) by 6pm Sunday before the Thursday workshops listed below;

            October 12, 2017   (submit by Oct 8)
            November 9, 2017   (submit by Nov 5)
            February 8, 2018   (submit by Feb 4)
            March 15, 2018   (submit
by Mar 11)
            Image Size: 1024 x 768
            File Name: image number (with leading zero)-competition number-title;
i.e.: 02-55-Winter Snow.jpg

  The Challenge; KR/PCC/QCPC:  "MACRO",  limit 6 images taken after January 15, 2017 (1400 x 1050 max image size)
            KodaRoamers, Peoria Camera Club, Quad Cities Photography Club
            Dec 10, 2017; 'Macro' images due to Denise; denise@kodaroamers.com
            Dec 14, 2017 Workshop; Prejudge images
             Naming convention: Image Number (01-06)_Club Number (12)_Member Number_Title  ie: 03_12_42_Darkshadow.jpg
             January 13, 2018: Judging 9:45am, Bettendorf Room, Bettendorf Library, 2950 Learning Campus Drive, Bettendorf, IA 52722
Open Novice Competition:  Limit 4 digital images (1024 x 768, no time or subject restrictions)
        Open to members who have not received higher than Honorable Mention in any previous Salon.
        February 4, 2018: Deadline to submit images to denise@kodaroamers.com
        February 8, 2018: Judging with critique and editing demos.

March Madness:  limit 2 images taken after January 1, 2017 (1024 x 768 max image size)
        Limit 2 images not previously shown taken in 2017-18, any subject, no editing restrictions
        Naming convention: Image Number - Competition Number - Title  i.e. 01-43-Basketball.jpg
        Please label your 1st choice as image 01, and 2nd choice as image 02
        March 11, 2018: Deadline to submit images to mobrien53@frontier.com
        March 15, 2018: March Madness at the 7:00 Workshop

KodaRoamers 66th Annual Salon:   (more info here)
            Limit 16 digital images (1024 x 768), 4 per category; 8 prints, 4 per category, no time limits.
                 Naming convention: Category- Image Number (1-4)-Competition Number-Title    ie: G-2-09-Sunset.jpg
            March 22, 2018: Deadline to submit prints to Andrea by 6pm.
            March 22, 2018: Deadline to submit digital images to mobrien53@frontier.com by 6 pm.
             April 7, 2018: Judging starts at 9:00am at the Normal Public Library, Community Room A.
             May 24, 2018: Salon Dinner and award presentations.

I74 East/Champaign Challenge:  "Social Interaction",   limit 6 images taken after May 4, 2017 
          Image Size: 1400 x 1050

              Naming convention: Image Number (01-06)-Club Number (12)-Competition Number-Title    ie: 02-12-34-Sunset.jpg
          April 15, 2018: Deadline to submit images to Denise O'Brien (denise@kodaroamers.com) by 6pm
          April 19, 2018 Workshop: Champaign Challenge pre-judging

          May 10, 2018: I74 Challenge at 7:00 Workshop
CICCA 2018 Spring Salon:  (note: 1400 x 1050 max image size)   (more info here)   (and here)
            Prints: Limit 5 monochrome and 5 color prints (small and large)      (Entry forms here)

            Digital: Limit 4 digital images per category (12 total)

            There is a $4 entry fee for each format.  Digital and Print entry fees must be kept separate.
            April 24, 2018: Deadline to submit digital images to Vandana Bajikar (vandana.kodaroamers@yahoo.com)
            and prints to Andrea Monninger
            May 19, 2018: CICCA Spring Salon;  Muscatine County Extension Offices, 1514 Isett Ave, Muscatine, IA