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From One Group to Another: A Sense of Purpose
August 4 to September 2, 2017 at the McLean County Arts Center
        Members of KodaRoamers have chosen 12 clubs with McLean County chapters to spotlight the interesting, charitable and photographable endeavors in which their clubs’ participate. 

        “Here’s how we partnership,” Doug Johnson said. “We need a cohesive look to the photographs and a look that is more than a flash card of one meeting of the year. A candid, artistic look beyond group shots and dinner meetings is needed to present what it is like to be a member.”

        How do you define a club? I think clubs have a common interest, purpose, a sense of community, and often have a charitable aspect to serve the community as well. How better for us to serve the community than to show what good things are going on here in McLean County. From One Club to Another promotes our club as well as 12 other clubs.

Opening Reception at McLean County Arts Center, Friday, August 4, 5 - 7 pm 

The Clubs:

 McLean County 4-H   -   The American Legion   -   WD Boyce Council Boy Scouts of America

Central Illinois Radio Club   -   Habitat For Humanity of McLean County  -   International Women’s Club

The Lake Run Club   -   University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners   -   McLean County Courthouse Quilters

McLean County India Association   -  Twin City Cruisers   -   Young Mens’ Club  -   KodaRoamers Camera Club

The Crew:


  Vandana Bajikar, Laurie Bergner, Wayne Ericson, Robert Handley, Meng Horng, Ann Husk, Wyn Knapp, Herb Knudsen,
Connie & Chuck Kostelc, Mabel & Mike Lux, Maria Millen, Andrea Monninger, Denise & Michael O’Brien,
Rosemary Rizzolo, Sandra Robinson, Ed Sams, Betty Toland, John Vogel, Charlene Zimmerman

The Show:

Betty Toland, Ann Husk, Denise O'Brien


Betty Toland, Denise O'Brien, Vandana Bajikar, Charlene Zimmerman


Mabel Lux, Betty Toland, Andrea Monninger


Connie and Chuck Kostelc


Mike Lux, Wayne Ericson


Maria Millen, Denise O'Brien, Betty Toland, Rosemary Rizzolo


Michael O'Brien, Denise O'Brien, Ann Husk, Charlene Zimmerman


Denise O'Brien, Wyn Knapp, Betty Toland


Ann Husk, Ed Sams, Denise O'Brien


Vandana Bajikar, Laurie Bergner, Charlene Zimmerman, Andrea Monninger, Betty Toland


John Vogel, Michael O'Brien, Andrea Monninger


Meng Horng, Wyn Knapp, Robert Handley, Herb Knudsen


KodaRoamers Camera Club of Bloomington-Normal


Visionary, Organizer and Strategist Denise O'Brien