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From One Group to Another: A Sense of Purpose
August 4 to September 2, 2017 at the McLean County Arts Center
        Members of KodaRoamers have chosen 12 clubs with McLean County chapters to spotlight the interesting, charitable and photographable endeavors in which their clubs’ participate. 

        “Here’s how we partnership,” Doug Johnson said. “We need a cohesive look to the photographs and a look that is more than a flash card of one meeting of the year. A candid, artistic look beyond group shots and dinner meetings is needed to present what it is like to be a member.”

        How do you define a club? I think clubs have a common interest, purpose, a sense of community, and often have a charitable aspect to serve the community as well. How better for us to serve the community than to show what good things are going on here in McLean County. From One Club to Another promotes our club as well as 12 other clubs.


Dec 1, 2016: Groups submit approximately 15 images from each club for progress review.

March, 2017: Groups submit approximately 25 images from each club to be shown at March 23rd dinner.

June 1, 2017: Final selection of images, editing, printing, mounting, artists’ releases, promos, etc.

The Clubs:

01: 4-H;  Betty Toland, Ann Husk, Denise O’Brien

02: American Legion;  Betty Toland, Denise O’Brien, Vandana Bajikar, Ann Husk

03: Boy Scouts;  Mabel Lux, Andrea Monninger

04: Central Illinois Radio;  Connie & Chuck Kostelc

05: Habitat For Humanity;  Mike Lux, Wayne Ericson

06: International Women’s Club;  Maria Millen, Denise O’Brien

07: Lake Run Club;  Ann Husk, Michael O’Brien, Charlene Zimmerman

08: Master Gardeners;  Denise O’Brien, Wyn Knapp

09: McLean County Courthouse Quilters;  Ed Sams, Ann Husk

10: McLean County India Association; Vandana Bajikar, Laurie Bergner

11: Twin City Cruisers;  John Vogel, Andrea Monninger, Michael O’Brien

12: Young Mens’ Club;  All 12 KR members who belong

This is a group show; if anyone has the opportunity to attend and photograph a different club function, please feel free to do so and share your images with those assigned to that club.

Photographic Guidelines:

* Shoot in your camera’s highest resolution.

* MCAC suggests looking at the images as art.
     - Capture people doing interesting things.
     - Avoid group shots.
     - Avoid clutter.
     - Get in close.
     - Get above or below eye level for unique shots.
     - Attend multiple events to capture overall feel of the Club.
     - Be creative.

* When editing keep images at highest resolution.

* Save images at highest resolution (as a .psd file if possible) and at 300 dpi.
     - Save as a new, logical file name, do not overwrite the original camera image file (i.e. BoyScoutsInThunderstorm.jpg or .psd).
     - Save images in a separate folder you can find (i.e. Boy Scout pics)

* Work with your partners to pick out your group’s best images.

* Cropping: 
     - Each club gets 10 ft of wall space; 12 to 15  8 inch images and a few large images.
     - Most images will be 8” height, any width up to 12”.
     - The best images (2 or 3 per club) will be 11 x 14 or 16 x 20.

* Make COPIES of the best images (for club review) and label using the format:

Club # - Image # - Maker # - Title - Size.jpg.

  i.e.: 08-01-42-Unity Garden Fence-8x7.jpg (see club numbers at left)

Save the COPY (do not overwrite edited file) sized max 1024x768 for review.

Sep 11, 2016, 10:16 AM