Have you got a copy of this interesting little book? Did you know that no-one (not even Kodak) is certain exactly how many editions and variations were printed? Perhaps you could help with a project to list all the editions and variations. You might have a rare or unknown edition!  Please read on....
A Brief History: In 1898 Eastman Kodak published a guide book for amateur photographers - 'Picture Taking and Picture Making'. In 1905 this book was revised, and the contents of two other booklets - 'Home Portraiture' and 'Amateur Portraiture by Flash Light' - plus some other articles were added, to form a more comprehensive book, 'The Modern Way in Picture Making'. (More information about both books, including links to complete scans of the books, is on the USA Editions page.) 'The Modern Way in Picture Making' remained in print, with a revised edition in 1907, until 1912, when it was replaced by 'How to Make Good Pictures'. This book remained in print until almost the end of the century, with a change of title in 1981 to 'How to Take Good Pictures'.
In the USA there were 37 editions, with many reprints and variations. In the UK there were fewer editions. The early UK editions were based heavily on the USA editions; later editions became more independent.
The book became a truly world-wide phenomenon, with a great many editions in other countries and other languages.
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Kodak How to Make Good Pictures
How to Make Good Pictures - Kodak
It's not known exactly how many UK versions there were. All information known is on the UK Editions page (click the link above).

To find the print date of your UK book, click the link below.

For information on USA editions please click the link above.

To identify the first six USA editions click the link below.

There are also many versions from around the world eg Canada (French & English), Netherlands, Australia, Spain, South America (Spanish & Portuguese),
Norway, Italy, Germany, France, New Zealand, India, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal etc. For details click the link above.

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