Welcome to the Knight of Columbus at St. Michael Church, Council #2601. I am glad to welcome you to just a glimpse of our council. As catholic men, we have a large challenge to live our faith in an environment that is often counter intuitive for Catholics. But, as a structured group of men we band together and proclaim our faith!

As a council, established in 1926.  The men of this council have become the Catholic male role models in a Catholic community seeking male leadership and vocations. 

By joining the Knights of Columbus, you are more than just present at mass, you are answering the call to be a man of faith, holiness, and a gentleman under the mercy and grace of God. 

Below are just a few of the many strides:

 -Wheaton Prairie Path Cleanup

 -Spiritual Discussion Group

 -Memorial Day Fundraiser

 -Special Olympics

 - Feed Our Starving Children

 - Support People with Disabilities

We have become a profound and visible support to the Catholic culture at St. Michael's Church. I am proud to be a part of such an extensive brotherhood and been amazed by the bonds formed through our Christ-centered lives. I hope you take some time to explore all that we can offer a Catholic man seeking a deeper involvement with his faith. 

Praise God!

Steve Lux

Grand Knight, Council 2601

Normal meetings are
Third Tuesday of Month
7:00 pm
Even Months St Mark's,
 Odd Months St Mike's

Sign Up for ID Drive (Tootsie Roll Drive)