The History and Origin of the Kochenberger Family of Ohio, Missouri and Colorado

How do you spell Kochenberger? Kokenberger? Or, Kochersperger?
It depends on whether it is 1850, 1860, 1870, 1900, and whether you live in Ohio, Missouri, or Colorado.
The Kochenberger families of Missouri and Colorado are all descended from Georg Kochersperger, a native from Rittershoffen, Alsace, France.
Our ancestor Georg Kochersperger belonged to the group that went to Perry County, Ohio in the 1830's. He was married three times and had children in each marriage. With his first wife Salomea Wolf we know of their oldest daughter Sarah Kochensperger. Sarah remained in Ohio and there are still descendants in that area. From Georg's second wife we have the marriage record to Elsie Roberts and an ad that Georg placed in the Ohio Statesman.  Elsie Roberts and several children seemed to have disappeared after the 1850 census.  In the early 1850’s Georg left Ohio with his third wife, Louisa Ebert, and infant daughter Emily (b. 1853). They moved to Kentucky briefly where their son Samuel was born in 1854. Next they followed on to the lure of free land in Osage County, Missouri where in 1857 Georg acquired 160 acres of farmland. The Missouri and Colorado descendants are all from the three children of Georg Kochersperger and Louisa Ebert (third wife). The Missouri family groups are descendants of their son Samuel and they spell their names Kokenberger or Kochenberger. Emaline’s (Emily) descendants' surname was Brandt, but her line is now extinct. The Colorado family groups are descendants of Georg and Louisa’s youngest son Solomon and all spell their surname Kochenberger.
In adding this information to the Internet, we hope to provide the information that we have learned about the Missouri and Colorado branches of the Kokenberger/Kochenberger families, and our Kochersperger branch of the family who live in Ohio, and we hope to find more information about Georg Kochersperger’s descendants. If you have information, pictures, or corrections that you would like us to added, please contact Barbara McCann and let us know. We are searching for information about Georg’s second wife Elsie Roberts, what happened to her and three of the children (David, Friedrich, and Jane) that are listed in the 1850 census for Columbus, 4th Ward, Franklin Co., Ohio.

 Georg Kochersperger's Birth Record from the church record in Rittershoffen, Alscae, France.
Georg Kochersperger. Friday, the 25th December 1812, in the evening at 12 o'clock a son was born to Friedrich Kochersperger, day laborer and his wife Magdalena Kochersperger and was baptized at the home on the 27th due to being weak and was named Georg. This child was presented in church on the 3rd January 1813 in presence of the following baptismal witnesses: 1) Johann Adam Wagner, day laborer 2) Georg Heinrich Kochersperger, the son of Georg Heinrich Kochersperger the shoemaker 3) Salomea Walter, wife of Philipp Wahl, taylor, all from here. Testator: Dangler
Journey to America
Georg was 17 years old when he arrived at the Port of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania on the 9th June 1830 aboard the sailing vessel "Oxford". He did not travel alone, but was accompanied by both of his parents,  Georg Friedrich Kochersperger and Magdalena, née Kochersperger as well as his older sisters Magdalena and Salomea, his older brother Philipp and his sister's illegitimate daughter, Dorothea. The family resided for a brief period in Pennsylvania, where they had relatives, but decided to move on to Ohio to settle among other immigrants from Alsace in Perry County.

            May 1830 - Emigration record of the Kochersperger family as documented in the church records of Rittershoffen in Alsace.
            1. Friedrich Kochersperger, born the 24th August 1770 and his
2. wife Magdalena Kochersperger, born the 22nd December 1770
            and his 5 children

            a) Magdalena born the 26th April 1800
            b) Philipp, born the 8th January 1804
            c) Salomea, born the 19th April 1807
            d) Georg, born the 26th December 1812
            e) Dorothea, born the 16 February 1825 (She was actually Magdalena's illegitimate child and  was  born in 1823,  not  1825)

arrival  record of the  Kochersperger  family  in  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania on  the  9th June 1830, on  the
sailing vessel "Oxford" - note that country of birth was incorrectly stated as Switzerland, rather than France
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This chart illustrates the genealogy of the Kochersperger families who immigrated from Rittershoffen, Alscae, France
to America then settled in Ohio, and it includes the evolution of the spelling of their surnames

marital disharmony, George Kochersperger finds it necessary to publish
a notice in the Ohio Statesman, Columbus, Ohio on November 4th, 1848

George Kochersperger receives 160 acres of land from the United States government in Osage Co., Missouri June 10, 1857

Burial site of George Kochersperger at Pilot Knob Cemetery, north of the town Belle, Osage County, Missouri.
On the left is the tombstone's condition in the 1950's, on the right as it is now (photo dated Aug. 2008)






 Harold Koch was Sarah and Henry Kochensperger's grandson. Harold had the spelling of his surname legally changed to Koch.

We believe that the white haired man in the center of the picture is Samuel Kochenberger with some of his children
and grandchildren. If you can identify any of the people in the picture please let us know. We do not know the date
the picture was taken, but we are fairly certain that is was taken in Osage County, Missouri 

James Otha Kokenberger and siblings-grandchildren of Samuel Kochenberger. The picture was taken in Osage County, Missouri

Solomon Kochenberger and his wife, Caroline, nee Headmanberger
photographed in Pueblo, Colorado on the occasion of their 50th wedding
anniversary on the 29th September 1931

Austin G. Kochenberger oldest son of Solomon & Caroline   Oma L. Kochenberger youngest daughter of Solomon & Caroline
 taken about 1920 in Pueblo, Colorado                                    with her son Charles Kernes taken about 1919 in Colorado  

from left to right: Solomon Kochenberger and spouse Caroline Headmanberger, their son Albert Charles, 
Albert's lady friend (do not know her name), next  Austin George Kochenberger I, 
Fredrick W. 
(daughter Florence's husband). 
There is a date stamped on the back of the photograph. It is May 21, 1931. 

Albert Charles Kochenberger and Austin George Kochenberger in Pueblo, CO about 1925.
Sons of Solomon and Caroline Kochenberger

Fredrick W. Hoffman and Florence Wilhelmina Kochenberger about 1930
Daughter and Son-in-law of Solomon and Caroline Kochenberger

Clara Elizabeth Kochenberger, with daughter Ruby Violet McNew and husband Henry Clay McNew about 1915
Clara is the oldest child of Solomon and Caroline Kochenberger.

This is Solomon and Caroline Kochenberger 
with their oldest daughter Clara (standing), and their  
youngest daughter Oma Louise Kochenberger 
and her youngest child Oma Caroline Gammon

Solomon Kochenberger (children and grandchildren) taken in Pueblo, Colorado in 1931. 
Top Row, left to right: Elizabeth (wife of Austin) and Austin (oldest Son), Oma Louise (youngest daughter), Charles Kernes (Oma's son), Caroline and Solomon
Bottom Row, left to right: Fred Tilman Gammon (Oma's son), Oma Caroline Gammon (Oma's daughter), Ruth Kochenberger (Austin's daughter), Clara (oldest daughter) and husband Gus Gerber.