hajime kobayashi




2013-present, Professor, Kansai University

2011-2013, Associate Professor, Kansai University

2006-2011, Associate Professor, Osaka Prefecture University

2002-2006, Assistant Professor, Osaka Prefecture University

Ph.D. 2002, Kobe University

M.A. 1997, University of Tsukuba

B.A. 1995, Hosei University



Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Organizational Economics


Published or Forthcoming Papers

"Optimal Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring in Multimarket Contact," (joint with Katsunori Ohta), Games and Economic Behavior, 76(2), 636-647, 2012.

"Multimarket Contact in Continuous-Time Games," (joint with Katsunori Ohta), Economics Letters, 101(1), 4-5, 2008.

"Intergenerational Conflicts of Interests and Seniority Systems in Organizations," (joint with Munetomo Ando), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 65(3), 757-767, 2008.

"Folk Theorems for Infinitely Repeated Games Played by Organizations with Short-Lived Members," International Economic Review, 48(2), 517-549, 2007.

"Emergence of Leadership in Teams," (joint with Hideo Suehiro), Japanese Economic Review, 56(3), 295-316, 2005.

Working Papers

"Leadership in Prisoner's Dilemmas with Inequity Aversive Preferences," (joint with Koji Abe and Hideo Suehiro), Discussion Paper Series No. 2014-9, GSBA, Kobe University, 2014.

"Optimal Shirking in Teams," (joint with Katsunori Ohta and Tadashi Sekiguchi), 2012.

"Experiments on Emergence of Leadership in Teams," (joint with Koji Abe and Hideo Suehiro), Working Paper Series F-49, Kansai University, 2011.

"Leadership by Confidence in Teams," (joint with Hideo Suehiro), Discussion Paper Series No. 2008_35, GSBA, Kobe University, July 2008. (*This paper is a revised version of the paper circulated under the title "Leadership by Confidence in Teams, I: Two Type Case".)

"Optimal Sharing Rules in Repeated Partnerships," (joint with Katsunori Ohta and Tadashi Sekiguchi), KIER Discussion Paper Series No. 650, Kyoto University, March 2008.

"The Value of Collusion in Multimarket Contact," (joint with Katsunori Ohta), CAEA Discussion Paper, No. 144, Kyoto University, 2007.


Work in Progress

"Experiments on Accumulating Information in Repeated Games with Imperfect Public Monitoring" (joint with Katsunori Ohta and Tatsuhiro Shichijo), 2011.



Games and Economic Behavior, International Economic Review, Japan and the World Economy, Japanese Economic Review, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Review of Economic Studies



Econometric Society, Game Theory Society, Japanese Economic Association


*At Kansai University:

Organizational Economics
Introductory Microeconomics


Osaka Prefecture University Theory and Econometrics Seminar (In Japanese)

Cartel Study Workshop (In Japanese)

*photo by Eriko Kasai