KoC Bots and Scripts


On this page  you will be able to find instructions on the bots how to install them and updates  to the new releases and my preferred scripts!!

Bot Start-up Guide

first of all and most important you need to have Firefox browser installed and if you don't have it all you have to do is to follow this link and get it from there :


Since Greasemonkey is no longer being updated and therefore will be obsolete when the BOT and TOOLS upgrade next.

The new platform (ADD on) to use is Scriptish. It works the same and will run existing scripts as well as any future updates. This should theoretically fix any script issues you may be having.

to do that go to firefox button then click on add-ons  then Extentions then remove greasemonkey

Scriptish (This replaces greasemonkey, so delete GM and existing scripts first.)

Second step open Firefox and open this link inside of it this is the link to Scriptish a Firefox add-on that will let you use scripts
please follow this link inside of Firefox and click on add to Firefox a green button on top left or right most of the time:


After Scriptish is installed restart Firefox

Once firefox restarts follow the 2 links i have posted below in the script link section and once you open each of then in Firefox click on the install button on the top right and then install again in the pop up window.

Current and Chosen scripts

How to Clear your FF Cache

Firefox 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 +

  1. Firefox Menu
    Firefox Menu
    Click the Firefox menu in the top left corner. Next, select the right arrow next to History >, and click Clear Recent History (or click on Tools then Clear Recent History if you don't have the FireFox Menu) Or, you can press Ctrl-Shift-Delete to open the recent history window.
  2. Select 'Cache'
    Select 'Cache'
    Make sure 'Details' is expanded, then select Cache from the list. Uncheck everything else.
  3. Choose 'Everything'
    Choose 'Everything'
    In the Time Range to Clear: drop down, select Everything.
  4. Select Clear Now.
  5. Your computer will work for a moment, and the process will be complete. You've successfully cleared Firefox's Cache!