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This site is devoted to cultural or linguistic materials in relation with breton language, which means that most of the time they are written in breton, though sometimes they are followed by their french translation when they are not in french only.  

This material includes various texts,  old or contemporary papers,  which  could be useful to those who like to read breton language, or feel themselves close to Brittany's language, the only european celtic language spoken on the mainland... By doing this I think to Brittany's inhabitants as well as to those who are living far away from the country, either in France, or in Europe, or anywhere else in the world.

The sources are mentionned (unless it is unknown). This is a personal site, and I hope it will grow regularly. It's  neither a professional nor a commercial one. Have a good pleasure in visiting it...

Would you get in touch with me, please write at the  address as follows:

koantik    special character   gmail.com

special character  = @

Navigation is always in three languages, namely: breton / english / french 


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