bb-ti-gar Landerne - gare SNCF de Landerneau

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Ar wech-kentañ eo ma asañt hon SNCF kaezh :-) lakaat brezhoneg war panneloù un ti-marc'h-houarn pe ti-gar ma karot gwelloc'h.

Ti-gar Landerne (Penn-ar-Bed), war hent treñ a dizh braz (TGV e galleg), eo a zo be choajet evit an taol-esae-mañ. Piv a vo an hini a zeu? 

Evel ma weller, n'eo ket an doare-skrivañ muioc'h implijet a zo bet lakaet war well, mes hini Skol-Veur Brest kentoc'h ("er-mêz" evit "er-maez", da skouer). E bro Leon emaomp.

In 2008, for the first time - with the exception of Carhaix-Karaez - the French railway company (SNCF, Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer français) accepted to put breton words on the panels of the railway station.

The action of Ai'ta, a breton association created some years ago to promote breton language in public areas, by fair means, is to be mentionned.

Those bilingual panels are seen in Landerne/Landerneau station, on the TGV line, near Brest city (Finistère/Penn-ar-Bed).

What will be the next station, now? When will all the stations in Brittany receive the same types of panels that are written in two languages , namely french and breton?