What to take

Devotional Materials:

___Bible and devotionals            ___Spiritual Preparation for Disaster Relief

___Hope in Crisis tracts              ___Witnessing tracts



___ Disaster relief ID                 ___ Driver’s license                    ___ Vehicle registration

___ Phone numbers                   ___ Family physician Info

Employer: _________________________________________________________________

Church: ___________________________________________________________________

Notify in case of emergency: __________________________________________________


Insurance Information: List company, policy number, coverage, agent, and phone               

Health: ___________________________________________________________________

Auto: ____________________________________ Life:____________________________



___Money or traveler’s checks ($50-200)         ___Notebook and pencils or pens

___SBC disaster relief manual and/or state disaster relief manual


Clothing (Four to Seven Days Supply):

___Disaster relief caps & jackets                        ___Disaster relief ID cards & clip-on

___Jeans or work pants                                    ___Shirts (warm and cool weather)

___Underwear                                                 ___Socks (2/day; white, wool/wool blend)

___Bandanas and handkerchief                          ___Work gloves

___Coats and/or jackets (warm and cool)            ___Rain suit or poncho

___Laundry bag                                               ___Suitcase or duffel bag

___Sleep wear                                                  ___Work shoes & sneakers

___Waterproof footwear                                    ____ Hat or cap (waterproof and sunshade)


Health, Safety, and Hygiene:

___Prescription medicine (List by name all your prescription medication)

___New prescription orders (if your physician approves and will write new prescriptions)

___Nonprescription drugs                 ___Allergy kit: bees, etc                   ___Sunblock (15+)

___Bar soap                                    ___Liquid antibacterial soap              ___Laundry detergent

___Deodorant                                  ___Feminine needs                          ___Personal needs

___Towels                                       ___Wash cloths                                ___Mouth wash

___Tooth brush                                ___Tooth paste                                ___Dental floss

___Shampoo and rinse                     ___Comb and brush                         ___Hair spray

___Chap stick                                  ___Shaving cream                            ___Razor          

___Diarrhea cure                             ___Antacids                                     ___Laxative

___Insect spray                               ___Skin lotion                                  ___Blister kit

___A&D ointment                             ___Antifungal ointment/spray            ___Foot powder



___Diet food                                    ___Snacks                                       ___Drinking water


Supplies and Equipment:

___Flash light or lantern                   ___Bedding (air or foam mattress, cot, and covers)

___Watch or clock                            ___Tent (optional, inquire first)

___Canteen or water bottle               ___Special personal items you need for health, safety or comfort