General Information & Policy

 Uniforms Policy




Credentialed team members have earned the right to carry or wear an official Southern Baptist Disaster Relief badge, apparel, and other items bearing the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief logo. Basic colors for apparel and equipment are blue and gold.




The official Southern Baptist Disaster Relief logo is copyright property of  Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and has been approved for use by state disaster relief directors for their disaster relief efforts.


Time and Place


Credentialed team members are urged to wear disaster relief apparel proudly but only during disaster relief response or disaster relief functions, such as training, promotion, and conferences that relate to disaster relief.


Basic and Full Uniform Description


The basic uniform for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief credentialed team members consists of three items, which bear the official Southern Baptist Disaster Relief logo:

·         Kansas-Nebraska Disaster Relief issued Badge with photo identification

·         Gold T-shirt with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief logo and state convention designation in Blue

·         Gold baseball-type cap with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief logo and state convention designation in Blue


The full uniform consists of official badge, cap and shirt. These items will bear the name of the participating state convention.


Colors—Basic colors for disaster relief uniforms are blue and gold.

·         Gold 102

·         Dark Blue PMS 294

o   Outside border of log

o   Words “Disaster Relief”

o   Wheat stalk

·         Light Blue PMS 299

o   Christian fish (Ichthus)

o   Words “Southern Baptist Convention”


Caps—The following cap colors are approved for wear at disaster sites:

·         Gold—credentialed team members

·         Blue—unit director

·         White—national and state disaster relief directors

Optional Items


Optional items bearing the SBDR logo may be official automobile ID decals, magnetic automobile IDs, aprons, bandanas, and T-shirts, or golf shirts should be worn or displayed only as described above. Others approved by the Disaster Relief Roundtable, such as lapel pins, ballpoint pens, key rings, personal size decals, and similar personal items are for more general personal use by credentialed volunteers. These should not be given or resold to non-trained persons.


No agreements currently exists limiting pins and patches. However, to avoid gaudiness, it is recommended that pins and patches on caps, jackets, and shirts be limited to:


·         National SBDR pin

·         State disaster relief pin

·         Trading pins from other states

·         Partner pins

·         Pins from disaster areas where the credential team member served