Three Things YOU Can Do

When disasters strike, the body of Christ is motivated to do something to help. There are several things that Kansas-Nebraska Baptists can do immediately:


1. Pray for the people impacted by the tragedy. There are many needs. Pray for the churches that are simultaneously attempting to recover and to minister to their communities.


2. Donate cash through legitimate channels. Please don’t send money to organizations that you do not know personally. We ask that individuals and churches in Kansas and Nebraska donate or receive special offerings and send them to:



5410 SW 7th St.

Topeka, KS 66606


*Annotate your check in the NOTES line for Disaster Relief.


Because of the network of disaster response partners Southern Baptists are associated with and our commitment to ensuring that your donations benefit disaster victims, KNCSB will distribute every dollar toward disaster relief needs without the overhead costs other organizations incur.


KNCSB disaster relief maintains a readiness posture that allows us to respond to areas impacted by tornados, floods, fires, high winds and winter storms rapidly. Maintaining this readiness posture requires continuous skill development training and individual certification, and equipment upkeep, repair, and readiness testing.


Although every volunteer understands that the cost of deploying and serving is their personal responsibility, KNCSB Disaster Relief always attempts to provide supplemental individual accident insurance and fuel costs as incurred.


3. Volunteer your time. If you are trained and your credentials are current, we need you today to help us prepare for tomorrow. If you haven’t been trained or your credentials are not current, please call John or Patty Lucas at Cell # 785-554-9511 or home # 785-762-2468 for instructions and information about future training events or updating your credentials.