Welcome to the Joseph and Rita Solomon Library of the Knoxville Museum of Art.  The library has 3,000+ exhibition catalogs, art history books, periodicals, and audio-visual items for art research.

Books are arranged on the shelves by Library of Congress Classification Number. The library is divided into five  collections:
  • Oversized Books - Books higher than 12 inches are shelved on the right hand side of the library.  They have a "Q" on the spine label.
  • General Collection - Books that are NOT reference, audiovisual, or oversized.  
  • Audiovisual Collection - VHS tapes and CD-Roms of American artists, particularly those whose works have been exhibited in the museum
  • Reference - Dictionaries and encyclopedias pertaining to art history, auctions, and museum management.  They have an "R" or "Ref" on the spine label.
  • Periodicals - Trade journals for curators, educators, and museum professionals
  • Pamphlet Collection - Brochures from museum exhibits at KMA and other museums. (Not cataloged)