Depression Counseling

Knoxville Counseling
Depression isn’t just being sad for a few days. Depression isn’t something that you can just push yourself through. Depression isn’t something that mentally weak people experience. Depression is an illness that has the potential to affect every part of your everyday life. Depression makes you feel depleted. Depression makes you feel like there is no real reason to get out of the bed in the morning. Depression is completely disheartening. It’s an illness that can really be damaging mentally and physically if left untreated.

 If you need help in your fight against depression, give us a call today at (865) 730-4171.  

At Thriveworks Knoxville, we understand exactly what you’re experiencing. We know the solution to depression is not something as simple as “Manning Up” or some other over-simplified advice people give individuals who are experiencing depression. We’re here to tell you that depression is not impossible to overcome. At Thriveworks Knoxville, we offer an individualized approach tailored to you because we know that not every case of depression is the same. We want you to experience joy, so our entire approach is geared toward helping you achieve that.

We don’t have waiting lists at Thriveworks Knoxville because we want you to get started on your path to experiencing joy as soon as possible. We also understand that you’re busy and need your counselor to be flexible with your schedule, so we have extended office hours to serve you best.