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Kim has a child in S2 at Knox, as well as two more coming up through Primary. She was elected in October 08 as a parent member of the Knox Parent School Partnership.

This was her election statement :

" I would very much like to become a member of the Knox Parent School Partnership.

My elder son is in S2 and my daughter will start at Knox next year. I also have a son in P3 at Yester Primary.

I have been involved with the Yester Parent Council, and before that with the School Board, for several years and am thoroughly convinced of the benefits of effective parental involvement and the positive role which a good PSP can play within a school.

Through this involvement, I have a good understanding of some of the issues and challenges which our schools face and ways in which parents can work together with the school to help provide the best education possible for all of its pupils.

In particular, I think the PSP can play a great role in improving communication between the school and the wider parent forum, make representations on behalf of the school to outside parties and offer constructive criticism to the school (if necessary!)

I believe strongly in the importance of contributing whatever we can to the life of our own community and schools are obviously a very important part of that. I would therefore be very pleased to have the opportunity to join the Knox PSP and would hope to bring energy, enthusiasm and experience to the group.

I am an economist by profession and have worked for economic consultancies and within the economics office of a major bank. I also help out with the Gifford cubs, the village film club, gala and other community activities.