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Andy has a child in S1 at Knox, and another coming up through Primary. He was appointed in October 08 as an associate member of the Knox Parent School Partnership.

This was his election statement :

" My oldest son started S1 of Knox Accademy this year after attending Haddington Infants and Kings Meadow School. My youngest son has just started P4 at Kings Meadow. I have been very impressed with the standards set and achieved by the schools my sons have attended and would like to do what I can to help maintain and, if possible, further improve this.

I work in the private sector for a national firm of chartered surveyors as a chartered forester. Our office has recently relocated from Edinburgh and I am now based in Haddington.

I have no previous experience with school boards but if elected I hope to contribute by bringing a fresh perspective to the Knox Academy Parent School Partnership and will always make the best interests of Knox Academy my priority.