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Welcome to the Knox Hill Neighborhood Association of Cincinnati Ohio. Founded in 2008 KHNA is dedicated to the restoration, revitilization and preservation of the Historic Knox Hill Neighborhood.
                                  OUR HISTORY
Knox Hill was settled in the late 1860's and most of the homes were built between 1870 and 1890 and features homes in the Second Empire, Italianate and Queen Anne style, although the area does have some outstanding examples of early craftsman homes on the western edge.
The area was considered to be a perfect 'country getaway' and many of the "well to do" built weekend and summer getaways where they could escape the grime, and congestion of the city of Cincinnati in the late 1800's.
The area was composed of the Luckey, Kinsey and Clark Farms as shown on early maps, in what it now known as North Fairmount. It is interesting to note that Knox Street was only one block long and was called Irwin as you went East. What is now Fairmount was known as Central Ave. Prospect street is Now called Luckey Street in honor of one of the original founders. Locals simply called the area Kinsey farm or "knox hill".
St Clair Heights Park is a great community asset located at the end of Fairmount. However few residents realize the illustrious history of this site and its place in Cincinnati History.

St Clair Heights Park was once virgin wilderness and farmland and that site was chosen for the Baptist Seminary in the 1840's and construction began on a large impressive multi story structure that housed the seminary. This High Gothic structure was completed in 1851.
In the 1860's the Seminary and the grounds were sold to a group of wealthy German industrialists and businessmen who created the "Schuetzen Verein" A German social club with a shooting range ("Schuetzenbuckle") and beer garden. The High Gothic strucutre had an elaborate veranda addition added to take in the view and a huge tower was contructed on top of the structure.
It was this development that led to the construction of many of the homes in Knox Hill which were built as weekend retreats by prominent Cincinnati Businessmen and Families. The Schuetzen Verein lasted until 1888 when the building was consumed by a devastating fire. The neighborhood however remained an enclave of German businessman who settled in the area after the weekend cottages were sold off by the wealthy who had moved on to build grand suburban mansions in Westwood, Walnut Hills and Avondale.
Knox Hill is a vibrant community just  minutes from downtown and still maintaines that "country feel" so uncommon in most Urban Neighborhoods of Cincinnati. The homes are all single family homes as townhouses were never built here. The homes sit on generous lots, some "estate size" parcels. Homes range in size from modest 1 story cottages to grand mansions. Many new residents have joined the many long time homeowners to begin restoration of this well maintained area in earnest. Tucked away on a hill overlooking Cincinnati, Knox Hill is one of the city's "Best Kept Secrets".
 One of the Grand Mansions
 A Quaint Cottage
We thank you for visiting our neighborhood. We hope "our home' may soon be your new home! For more information about our neighborhood please contact our Volunteer Information Director Paul Willham at Victiques@hotmail.com
The Knox Hill Neighborhood Association is a 501C3 (pending) community organaization. Please Bookmark our site to watch our progress!
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