Grocery Shopping

A celiac diagnosis is scary at first, but with a little practice you'll soon learn which products and brands are safe and which are questionable. Our group has a lot of experience in this area, so please send e-mail to the list if you've got questions.

You can shop safely at most any grocery store once you learn it's all about reading labels and calling manufacturers. The good news is it's getting easier to identify gluten in products since several major manufacturers such as Kraft and ConAgra have agreed to disclose the presence of gluten, even if it's in materials like modified food starch.

Several major grocery store chains in Knoxville have begun to carry gluten-free products. Some have even begun labeling their shelves. Ingles, Kroger and Food City have all begun carrying GF foods or have GF sections. It varies from store to store so check our e-mail list archives or post a question for members about specific locations. Walmart has begun labeling their Great Value brand items that are GF. This is a big help for cost savings.

For specialty items like gluten-free breads, cookies, and snacks, you'll probably want to visit the health food stores around Knoxville. Our group has had good experience with the stores below which carry gluten-free foods. Most have staff members that are familiar with the gluten-free diet.

Turkey Creek and Bearden locations

10961 Kingston Pike

Epicurean Foods
43 E Tennessee Avenue, Oak Ridge

Benefit Your Life
620 N. Campbell Station Rd. Suite 24
Knoxville, TN 37934