Trichology is a science. It is treated as the science of the hair and scalp.
More specifically, it is diagnosing and treating problems of the hair and scalp.Trichology is actually "the paramedical field for dealing with problems of the hair and scalp". This encompasses hair loss, hair breakage, infections, scaling or itchy scalp and excessively dry or oily scalp.

Types of Hair Analysis

Microscopic analysis of hair is used to assess structural damage, establish the rate of hair loss, confirm the presence of fungus or lice, or identify genetic influences.

Mineral analysis of the hair in specialized laboratories is used to access the levels of such minerals as calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium, chromium, lead, mercury, aluminium and arsenic in the hair. These levels relate to the body levels where efficient or excess levels can indicate nutritional or medical problems that are affecting the hair and skin. For some minerals hair mineral analysis is actually more accurate than blood tests.