5 things to stop sudden hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most common conditions of our time. The emotional ramifications of Hair loss are much more then the physical deformation that a person has to endure. Hair Loss is caused by a number of things including hereditary factors but we pointed out some factors that if applied properly and adhered to regularly will stop the sudden falling of hair and will also be beneficial to the health of the hair.

Organic/Herbal Shampoo:

Harsh chemical based shampoo can cause a lot of damage to your hair if they do not suit your hair type. Use of Organic/Herbal shampoos can be a good substitute as they not only clean your hair but nourish them for better health.

Hot Water:

Avoid hot water when you are washing your hair as hot water can severely damage your hair. So when you are washing your hair use Luke warm water and if you like taking hot baths in your bath tub. Avoid water contact from your hair.


Oiling your hair can be a bit of a bother as it gives you that greasy look that you dread and you might not want to go out with it but applying oil to the hair once a week can be very beneficial for your hairs strength. If your hair have strength chances of them falling down will diminish.

Link To Real Life Success Stories (Pictures) of hair regrowth


Combing is a very good exercise for your hair. People have a concept that hair fall because of combing as after a session of combing weak hair gather on the comb or brush but actually combing or brushing separate the already dead hair in the process they give the hair a good shine. One thing to keep in mind is that combing should never be done when the hair are wet as they are very sensitive at that moment and could be easily damaged.

Sun Exposure:

Although limited sun exposure is good for your hair. Excessive exposure to the sun will cause your hair get dry and damaged. So if you have to spend time out in the sun cover your hair with scarf or a cap.

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