Know your Raspberry

Cultivated Raspberry
  • The raspberry is the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species in the genus Rubus, most of which are in the subgenus Idaeobatus; the name also applies to these plants themselves. 
  • Raspberries are perennial. 

Know your Raspberry - Taxonomy

  • The name originally referred to the European species Rubus idaeus (with red fruit), and is still used as its standard English name.
  • Examples of raspberry species in subgenus Idaeobatus include:
    • Rubus crataegifolius (Korean Raspberry)
    • Rubus idaeus (European Red Raspberry)
    • Rubus leucodermis (Whitebark or Western Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Black Raspberry)
    • Rubus occidentalis (Black Raspberry)
    • Rubus phoenicolasius (Wine Raspberry or Wineberry)
    • Rubus strigosus (American Red Raspberry) (syn. R. idaeus var. strigosus)
  • Several species of Rubus are also called raspberries but are not classified in subgenus Idaeobatus, including:
    • Rubus arcticus (Arctic Raspberry)
    • Rubus nivalis (Snow Raspberry)
    • Rubus odoratus (Flowering Raspberry)
    • Rubus sieboldii (Molucca Raspberry)
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