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Joe Biden on the Issues

Abortion Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
03/17/2005Unintended Pregnancy AmendmentY
10/21/2003Prohibit Partial-Birth Abortion billNV
10/21/2003Prohibit Partial-Birth Abortion billY
06/21/2002Military Abortion AmendmentY
06/20/2000Military Abortions AmendmentN
02/02/2000Violent Protestors AmendmentY
10/21/1999Roe v. Wade AmendmentY
10/21/1999Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1999Y
05/26/1999Overseas Military Abortions AmendmentN
09/18/1998Late-Term Abortion - Override President's VetoY
06/25/1998Overseas Military Hospital Abortions AmendmentY
09/04/1997Fetal Tissue Research AmendmentN
07/22/1997Abortion Funding AmendmentY
07/10/1997Abortions at Overseas Military FacilitiesY
05/20/1997Partial-Birth Abortion billY
09/26/1996Partial-Birth Abortion BanY
06/19/1996Overseas Abortion AmendmentN
03/19/1996Medical Professionals AmendmentY
12/07/1995Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995Y
05/12/1994Abortion Clinic Access billY
09/18/1992Overseas Military AbortionsN
03/31/1992Fetal Tissue ResearchN
11/07/1991Abortion Counselling - Conference ReportY
09/11/1991Parental ConsentY

Agriculture Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
05/08/2002Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002Y
02/13/2002Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002Y
03/25/1999Agricultural Appropriations AmendmentN
05/12/1998Agricultural Research billY
03/28/1996Agricultural Market Transition ActY
03/21/1996Public Rangelands Management Act of 1996N
02/07/1996Farm billY
11/22/1991Dairy Price SupportsN


Date Bill TitleVote
03/29/2007Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007Y
07/12/2006Transit Security AmendmentY
06/22/2006Defense Department FY 2007 Authorization billY
06/15/2006Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2006Y
05/04/2006Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2006Y
05/03/2006Influenza Vaccine Injury Compensation AmendmentY
05/02/2006Sugarcane Growers Funding AmendmentN
12/21/2005Defense Department FY2006 Appropriations billN
12/21/2005Defense Department FY2006 Appropriations billY
11/16/2005Commerce, Justice, Science, Appropriations Bill FY 2006Y
11/15/2005Defense Department FY2006 Authorization billY
11/10/2005Foreign Operations FY2006 Appropriations BillY
11/03/2005Agriculture, Rural Development, FDA Appropriations ActY
10/27/2005After School Funding AmendmentY
10/27/2005Labor, HHS, Education, FY 2006 Appropriations billY
10/26/2005Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Funding AmendmentN
10/20/2005Transportation, Treasury, HUD, Judiciary, AppropriationY
10/07/2005Defense Department FY2006 Appropriations billY
10/05/2005Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program AmendmentY
09/22/2005Agriculture, Rural Development, FDA Appropriations ActY
07/29/2005Interior Department FY 2006 Appropriations BillY
07/29/2005Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2006Y
07/20/2005Foreign Operations FY2006 Appropriations BillY
07/19/2005US Agency for International Development AmendmentN
07/14/2005Increase the Number of Detention Beds AmendmentN
07/14/2005Homeland Security Department FY 2006 Appropriations ActY
07/11/2005Air Cargo Security Programs Implementation AmendmentY
07/01/2005Energy and Water Appropriations bill FY 2006Y
06/29/2005Interior Department FY 2006 Appropriations BillY
05/10/2005Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2005Y
04/21/2005Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2005Y
04/18/2005Future Military Funding for Iraq AmendmentNV
09/21/2004Legislative Branch FY2005 Appropriations BillY
07/22/2004Defense Department FY2005 Appropriations billY
06/24/2004Defense Department FY2005 Appropriations billY
03/12/2004Budget Appropriations, FY2005 resolutionN
01/22/2004Omnibus FY2004 Appropriations BillN
11/12/2003Fiscal 04 Military Construction Appropriation-AdoptionY
11/06/2003Department of Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations,Y
11/06/2003Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2004Y
09/25/2003Terrorism Information Awareness billY
09/16/2003Energy and Water Appropriations, FY 2004 billY
07/24/2003Homeland Security Appropriations, FY 2004 billY
07/17/2003Terrorism Information Awareness billY
07/11/2003Emergency Supplemental Appropriation, FY 2003 billY
04/03/2003Appropriations for Operations in IraqY
02/13/2003Fiscal 03 Omnibus Appropriations-AdoptionY
01/23/2003Consolidated Appropriations Resolution, 2003N
10/16/2002Department of Defense Appropriations, FY2003 billY
08/01/2002Department of Defense Appropriations, FY2003 billY
07/25/2002Legislative Branch Appropriation, FY2003 billY
07/24/2002Supplemental Appropriations, FY2002 billY
07/18/2002Military Construction Appropriations Act FY2003Y
06/07/2002Supplemental Appropriations, FY2002 billY
12/07/2001District of Columbia FY2002 Appropriations billY
12/04/2001Department of Transportation Appropriations Act FY 2002Y
11/15/2001Agriculture FY2002 Appropriations billY
11/15/2001Appropriations bill FY2002, Commerce, Justice, StateY
11/08/2001Veterans Affairs and HUD Appropriations Act of 2002Y
11/06/2001Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations Act, 2002Y
11/01/2001Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act 2002Y
11/01/2001Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2002Y
10/18/2001Military Construction FY2002 Appropriations billY
10/17/2001Interior Department Appropriations for FY 2002Y
09/26/2001Military Construction FY2002 Appropriations billNV
10/25/2000Foreign Operations FY 2001 Appropriations billY
11/19/1999District of Columbia FY2000 Appropriations billY
11/02/1999DC/Labor/HHS/Education FY 2000 Appropriations billN
10/15/1999Veterans Affairs and HUD Appropriations bill, FY 2000Y
10/14/1999Defense Department Appropriations bill, FY2000Y
10/13/1999FY 2000 Agriculture Appropriations billN
10/06/1999Foreign Operations FY2000 Appropriations billN
10/04/1999Transportation Department FY2000 Appropriations billY
09/27/1999Energy FY2000 Appropriations billY
09/23/1999Interior Department FY2000 Appropriations billN
09/16/1999District of Columbia FY2000 Appropriations billN
09/16/1999Transportation Department FY2000 Appropriations billY
09/16/1999Appropriations bill FY2000, Treasury, Postal ServiceNV
08/04/1999Agricultural Aid AmendmentY
06/30/1999Foreign Operations FY2000 Appropriations billY
06/30/1999Cuba Travel Ban AmendmentN
06/16/1999Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2000Y
06/16/1999Military Construction FY2000 Appropriations billY
05/20/1999Emergency Supplemental Appropriations-Conference ReportY
10/21/1998Appropriations bill FY99, OmnibusY
10/08/1998FY 1999 VA-HUD AppropriationsY
10/06/1998Agriculture FY99 Appropriations billN
09/29/1998Defense Department FY99 Appropriations billY
09/03/1998Appropriations bill FY99, Treasury, Postal ServiceY
07/29/1998Marriage Penalty BillY
07/21/1998Legislative Branch FY99 Appropriations billY
07/07/1998Space Station Termination AmendmentN
11/08/1997Appropriations bill FY98, Labor, HHS, EducationY
10/01/1997Appropriations bill FY98, Treasury, Postal ServiceY
09/25/1997Defense Department FY98 Appropriations billNV
06/12/1997Emergency Supplemental Appropriations billY
06/05/1997Emergency Supplemental Appropriations billN
09/17/1996Appropriations bill FY97, Energy and Water DevelopmentY
04/25/1996Appropriations bill FY96, OmnibusY
03/28/1996Authorization bill, FY96-97, Foreign RelationsN
03/19/1996Appropriations bill FY96, OmnibusN
12/14/1995Interior Department FY96 Appropriations billN
12/14/1995Authorization bill, FY96-97, Foreign RelationsN
12/14/1995Veterans Affairs, HUD FY '96 Appropriations billN
12/07/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Commerce, Justice, StateN
11/16/1995Appropriations bill FY96, DefenseN
11/15/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Treasury, Postal ServiceN
11/01/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Foreign RelationsY
09/22/1995Military Construction FY96 Appropriations billY
09/06/1995Authorization bill FY96, Defense DepartmentN
07/21/1995Military Construction FY96 Appropriations billY
07/21/1995Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and RescissionsY
09/29/1994Transportation FY95 Appropriations billY
09/28/1994Interior Department FY95 Appropriations billY
09/21/1994District of Columbia FY95 Appropriations billY
08/19/1994Appropriations bill FY95, Commerce, Justice, StateY
08/10/1994Military Construction FY95 Appropriations billY
08/10/1994Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations bill FY95Y
08/10/1994Foreign Operations FY95 Appropriations billY
08/04/1994Appropriations bill FY95, Veterans Admin, HUDY
08/04/1994Veterans Admin, HUD Appropriations bill FY95Y
07/21/1994Transportation FY95 Appropriations billY
07/21/1994Fiscal 1995 District of Columbia Budget - PassageY
07/15/1994Military Construction FY95 Appropriations billY
07/15/1994Foreign Operations FY95 Appropriations billY
07/01/1994Legislative Branch FY95 Appropriations billY
06/22/1994Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations bill FY95Y
03/16/1994National Competitiveness Act - PassageY
02/10/1994Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 1994Y
10/21/1993Appropriations bill FY94 Commerce, Justice, StateY
10/19/1993Military Construction FY94 Appropriations billY
10/18/1993Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations billNV
09/30/1993Foreign Operations FY94 Appropriations billY
09/29/1993Labor, HHS, Education 1994 Appropriations billY
09/23/1993Foreign Operations FY94 Appropriations Bill (Senate)Y
09/22/1993Veterans Admin, HUD Appropriations bill FY94Y
08/03/1993Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations bill FY94Y
07/29/1993Appropriations bill FY94, Commerce, Justice, StateY
07/27/1993District of Columbia FY94 Appropriations BillY
07/23/1993Legislative Branch FY94 Appropriations billY
05/21/1992Disaster Relief 1992-PassageY
05/20/1992Offsetting Disaster Relief AppropriationN
09/10/1991Temporary Waiving of the Budget Act - MotionY
06/28/1991Super Collider - Tabling MotionN
07/12/1988FY 1989 HUD Approps.-NASA/UDAG ProgramNV

Arts and Humanities

Date Bill TitleVote
08/05/1999NEA FundingY
07/25/1994Prohibition of Funds to NEA AmendmentY
09/19/1991NEA FundingN

Budget, Spending and Taxes

Date Bill TitleVote
05/24/2007Emergency Departmental Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007Y
03/23/2007Congressional Budget for 2008Y
08/03/2006Death/EstateTax and Minimum Wage Bill of 2006N
05/11/2006Tax Reconciliation billN
03/16/2006Education Funding AmendmentY
03/16/2006Debt Limit Increase ResolutionN
03/16/20062007 Budget ResolutionN
03/16/2006Natural Resources and Environment Funding AmendmentY
03/14/2006Reinstate Pay-As-You-Go through 2011 AmendmentY
02/02/2006Tax Reconciliation billN
12/21/2005Budget Reconciliation billN
11/18/2005Tax Reconciliation BillN
11/17/2005Earned Income Tax Credit AmendmentY
11/17/2005Hurricane Victims Tax Benefit AmendmentY
11/17/2005Pay As You Go AmendmentY
11/17/2005Temporary Tax on Crude Oil AmendmentY
11/17/2005Tax Rate AmendmentY
11/03/2005Medicare Prescription Drug AmendmentY
11/03/2005Budget Reconciliation billN
11/03/2005Pay As You Go AmendmentY
04/28/2005Budget FY2006 Appropriations ResolutionN
03/17/2005Budget FY2006 Appropriations ResolutionN
03/17/2005Education AmendmentY
03/17/2005Perkins Vocational Education Program AmendmentY
03/17/2005Homeland Security Grant Program AmendmentY
03/17/2005Native American Funding AmendmentY
03/17/2005Tax Subsidy for Domestic Companies AmendmentY
10/11/2004JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Strength)N
09/23/2004Increased Child Tax Credit billY
05/11/2004Jumpstart Our Business Strength (JOBS) ActY
04/29/2004Internet Access Tax billY
05/23/2003Jobs and Economic Growth billN
05/15/2003Jobs and Economic Growth billN
04/11/2003Congressional Budget for fiscal year 2004N
03/26/2003Budget Resolution FY2004N
03/19/2003ANWR Oil Drilling AmendmentY
05/26/2001Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, 2001N
05/23/2001Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, 2001N
05/10/2001Fiscal Year 2002 Budget ResolutionN
07/21/2000Marriage Tax Relief BillY
07/14/2000Death/Estate Tax Elimination Act of 2000N
07/13/2000Death/Estate Tax AmendmentY
04/13/2000Congressional Budget resolution FY 2001N
04/07/2000Congressional Budget resolution FY 2001N
08/05/1999Financial Freedom Act of 1999N
07/30/1999Taxpayer Refund Act of 1999N
05/06/1999Financial Services Modernization BillN
04/15/1999Congressional Budget Resolution, FY 2000N
03/25/1999Congressional Budget Resolution, FY 2000N
06/04/1998Underage Tobacco Usage amendmentNV
04/30/1998Emergency Supplemental Appropriations billY
04/02/1998Budget Resolution FY99N
04/01/1998Medicare Choices AmendmentN
04/01/1998Personal Retirement Accounts AmendmentN
04/01/1998School Modernization AmendmentN
03/31/1998Deficit Neutral Reserve Fund AmendmentY
03/31/1998Tobacco Immunity AmendmentY
07/31/1997Budget Reconciliation billY
07/31/1997 Budget Reconciliation BillY
06/27/1997Budget Reconciliation BillY
06/26/1997Family Tax Relief AmendmentY
06/25/1997Budget Reconciliation billY
06/05/1997Budget Resolution FY1999-2000Y
05/23/1997Budget Resolution FY1999-2000Y
05/22/1997Budget Deficit AmendmentY
03/04/1997Balanced Budget amendmentY
08/02/1996Minimum Wage Increase billY
07/09/1996Minimum Wage Increase billY
06/13/1996FY1997 Appropriations Act Treasury, Postal ServiceN
06/06/1996Balanced Budget Proposed Constitutional AmendmentY
11/16/1995Continuing Appropriation billN
10/27/1995Budget Reconciliation billN
06/29/1995Budget FY2006 Appropriations ResolutionN
05/25/1995Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and RescissionsN
05/25/1995Fiscal 1996 Budget Resolution - AdoptionN
03/23/1995Pay-As-You-Go AmendmentN
03/02/1995Balanced Budget Proposed Constitutional AmendmentY
03/25/1994Fiscal 1995 Budget Resolution - PassageY
03/23/1994Non-Defense Spending CutsN
03/01/1994Balanced Budget amendmentN
11/20/1993Resolution Trust Corporation Completion ActY
08/06/19931994 Budget Reconciliation - Conference ReportY
06/25/1993Fiscal 1994 Budget Reconciliation - PassageY
06/24/19931994 Budget Reconciliation - Gas TaxY
06/23/19931994 Budget Reconciliation-Republican AlternativeN
05/13/1993Resolution Trust Corporation Completion ActY
04/01/1993Fiscal 1994 Budget Resolution - AdoptionY
03/24/1993Fiscal 1994 Budget Resolution - Republican AlternateN
03/23/1993Apply Defense Cuts to Deficit ReductionN
10/08/19921992 Tax Bill - Conference ReportN
09/30/1992Foreign Operations Funding ReductionN
09/29/19921992 Tax Bill - PassageY
09/25/1992Income Tax Checkoff for National DebtN
09/24/1992Tobacco Advertising Tax DeductibilityN
09/24/1992Voting on Tax Increases - Waive Budget ActN
09/17/1992Enhanced Rescission AuthorityN
09/16/1992Defense to Domestic Funds TransferN
06/30/1992Voting on Tax Increases - 3/5 Majority Vote to RaiseN
05/21/1992Fiscal 1993 Budget Resolution - Conference ReportY
05/05/19921992 Program Spending CutsN
03/26/1992Budget FirewallsY
03/26/1992Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] Financing - PassageY
03/20/19921992 Budget Reconciliation - Conference ReportY
03/13/19921992 Budget Reconciliation - PassageY
03/12/1992Children Tax CreditY
03/11/19921992 Budget Reconciliation - Republican AlternativeN
03/11/1992Drug Companies Tax BreaksY
11/27/1991Credit Card Interest RatesY
11/27/1991Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] Funding - Final PassNV
11/19/1991Low-Cost Banking ServicesY
03/07/1991Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] Funding - PassageY
10/27/1990Fiscal 1991 Budget Reconciliation Act - ConferenceN

Business and Consumers

Date Bill TitleVote
05/24/2007Emergency Departmental Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007Y
05/07/2007FDA Drug Import Certification AmendmentNV
04/26/2007Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007 with Iraq Withdrawal TimelineY
11/17/2005Price-Gouging During Emergencies AmendmentY
11/03/2005Targeted Case Management AmendmentY
07/26/2005Corporate Financing of Terrorism AmendmentY
03/10/2005Bankruptcy Reform BillY
03/08/2005Violent Protestor AmendmentY
03/07/2005Minimum Wage AmendmentN
03/07/2005Minimum Wage AmendmentY
04/08/2004Pension Funding Equity Act of 2004Y
07/15/2002Accounting Industry Reform billY
06/18/2002Terrorism Insurance BillY
02/02/2000Bankruptcy Reform billY
09/23/1988Minimum Wage Increase-ClotureY
06/08/1988Omnibus Trade-Veto OverrideNV

Campaign Finance and Election Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
10/16/2002Help America Vote Act of 2002Y
04/11/2002Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act of 2001Y
03/20/2002Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001Y
02/27/2002Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act of 2001N
04/02/2001Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001Y
03/26/2001Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001Y
03/21/2001Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act - Union AmendmentY
03/20/2001Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001N
06/29/2000'527' Political Groups-PassageY
07/30/1998Federal Election Commission term lengthY
02/25/1998Campaign Finance Reform AmendmentN
02/24/1998Campaign Finance Reform AmendmentN
06/25/1996Campaign Finance Reform billY
09/30/1994Continue Work on a Bill to Reform Campaign FinanceY
07/20/1993Hatch Act Reform billY
06/16/1993Tax on Non-Complying CampaignsY
05/11/1993Motor Voter billY
03/17/1993Moter Voter billY
09/25/1992Presidential Campaign Fund CheckoffY
08/07/1992The Voting Rights Language Assistance Act - PassageY
05/13/1992Campaign Finance Reform - Veto OverrideY
04/30/1992Campaign Finance Reform - Conference ReportY
02/26/1988Campaign Finance Overhaul-ClotureNV

Civil Liberties

Date Bill TitleVote
06/27/2006Flag Desecration Constitutional AmendmentN
03/29/2000Flag Desecration amendmentN
05/18/1999Religious Memorials at Schools AmendmentY
07/22/1998Phone Recording AmendmentY
09/10/1996Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)Y
09/10/1996Employment Nondiscrimination Act of 1996Y
12/12/1995Flag Desecration billN
09/22/1992Boy Scouts Admission PolicyN

Civil Rights

Date Bill TitleVote
10/30/1991Discrimination Lawsuits - PassageY
04/28/1988AIDS Research and Education-Promoting HomosexualityNV
03/22/1988Civil Rights Restoration Act-Veto OverrideNV

Congressional Affairs

Date Bill TitleVote
11/10/2005Investigating Contracts in Iraq AmendmentY
10/18/2005Congressional Pay Raise AmendmentY
09/15/2005Financial Relief For Hurricane Katrina Victims AmendY
09/14/2005Congressional Commission on Hurricane KatrinaY
09/14/2005Special Committee on Contracts in Afghanistan and IraqY
10/23/2003Congressional Pay Raise AmendmentY
04/23/1996Term Limits billN
07/28/1995Senate Gift Reform ResolutionY
07/25/1995Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995Y
01/05/1995Filibuster AmendmentY
10/07/1994Congressional Gift, Meals, Entertainment BanNV
05/11/1994Congressional Gifts Reform Act - PassageY
05/05/1994Gift LimitationsN
04/09/1992Legislative Branch FundingN
07/17/1991Senatorial Pay Raise and Honoraria Ban - AmendmentY
11/17/1989The Government Ethics Reform Act of 1989Y
03/15/1988Presidential Notification of Covert Operations-PassageNV

Crime Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
06/20/2000Hate Crimes AmendmentY
05/20/1999Juvenile Crime billY
05/23/1997Violent Crime Victims AmendmentN
08/25/1994Omnibus Crime Bill - Conference (Senate)Y
05/11/1994Racial Statistics in Death Penalty AppealsN
11/17/1993Violent Crime Control and Law EnforcementN
11/17/1993Habeas Corpus ReformY
11/09/1993Improving Fingerprint Systems AmendmentN
11/08/1993Death Penalty for MinorsN
11/05/1993Teen OffendersN
10/02/19921992 Crime Bill [10/2/92] - ClotureY
07/30/1992Death Penalty - District of ColumbiaN
05/20/1992Riot Crimes and Disaster ReliefN
03/19/19921992 Crime Bill [3/19/92] - ClotureY
07/11/19911991 Crime Bill - PassageY
06/26/1991Death Row [Habeus Corpus] AppealsN
06/25/1991Search and SeizureN
06/25/1991Death PenaltyY
06/20/1991Racial Statistics and Death Row AppealsN
06/10/1988Death Penalty for Drug-Related Killings-PassageNV


Date Bill TitleVote
05/24/2007Emergency Departmental Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007Y
04/26/2007Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007 with Iraq Withdrawal TimelineY
11/15/2005Status of Detainees Substitute AmendmentN
11/15/2005Judicial Review of Detainees AmendmentY
11/10/2005Detainees at Guantanamo Bay AmendmentN
11/08/2005National Commission on Detainees AmendmentY
07/26/2005National Defense Authorization Act - ClotureN
06/23/2004Military Construction FY2005 Authorization billY
11/12/2003Fiscal 2004 Defense Authorization - Conference ReportY
10/17/2003Emergency Appropriations for Iraq and AfghanistanY
05/22/2003Fiscal 2004 Defense Authorization-PassageY
12/13/2001National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002Y
10/02/2001National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002Y
10/13/1999Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban TreatyY
09/22/1999FY 2000 Defense Authorization-Conference ReportY
05/27/1999FY 2000 Defense Auth.--PassageY
05/26/1999FY 2000 Defense Auth.--Base ClosuresY
10/01/1998Defense Department FY99 Authorization billY
09/09/1998American Missile Protection billN
06/25/1998Military Closure AmendmentN
06/25/1998Separate Housing AmendmentN
06/25/1998Authorization bill, FY99, Defense DepartmentY
02/25/1998Line Item Veto Cancellation billY
11/06/1997Defense Department FY98-99 Authorization billY
07/09/1997Base Closure AmendmentN
06/19/1997Intelligence Appropriations Declassification amendmentY
04/17/1997Chemical and Biological Weapons Threat Reduction ActN
09/10/1996National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997Y
01/26/1996Authorization bill FY96, Defense DepartmentN
12/19/1995Authorization bill FY96, Defense DepartmentN
08/10/1995Space-Based Laser Program AmendmentY
08/10/1994Eliminate funding for Trident II SubmarinesY
07/01/1994B-2 Bomber FundingY
10/14/1993Withdraw Troops from SomaliaY
09/10/1993Postponement of Base Closures AmendmentN
09/09/1993Ballistic Missile Defense Funding Reducation AmendmentY
09/18/1992B-2 Bomber FundingY
09/17/1992Strategic Defense Initiative [SDI] FundingY
08/03/1992Nuclear Test BanY
05/05/1992Seawolf Nuclear Submarine FundingN
04/09/1992Defense Spending ReductionsY
11/25/1991Nuclear Disarmament - AmendmentY
08/01/1991B-2 BomberY
07/31/1991Strategic Stability with the Soviet UnionY
07/31/1991Women in Combat Pilot Positions - Tabling MotionN
08/10/1988FY 1989 Defense Approps.-Contra AidNV
05/11/1988FY 1989 Defense Authorization-SDI Funding and NASANV
05/11/1988FY 1989 Defense Authorization-SALT II LimitsNV

Drug Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
06/09/1998Illegal Drug AmendmentN
03/20/1997U.S.- Mexico Drug Trafficking Prevention AmendmentY
06/10/1988Death Penalty for Drug-Related Killings-PassageNV


Date Bill TitleVote
10/26/2005Elementary and Secondary Education Act AmendmentY
10/26/2005Individuals with Disabilities Education AmendmentY
10/25/2005To Increase The Maximum Federal Pell Grant AmendmentY
05/13/2004Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement ActY
05/13/2004Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement ActY
12/18/2001No Child Left Behind ActY
06/28/2000Funding for Special Education AmendmentY
03/02/2000Education Savings Accounts billY
04/21/1999Education Flexibility Partnership Act of 1999Y
03/11/1999Education Flexibility Partnership Act of 1999Y
09/29/1998Higher Education Programs Authorization Extension billY
07/09/1998Higher Education Programs Authorization Extension billY
06/24/1998Education Savings Accounts billY
05/05/1998Training Programs billY
04/23/1998Educational Savings Account billN
09/11/1997Education Funding AmendmentY
07/27/1994Voluntary Prayer AmendmentN
03/25/1994Goals 2000: Educate America ActY
02/10/1994Demonstration Program AmendmentN
02/08/1994Contraceptives Distribution AmendmentN
09/08/1993National Service billY
08/03/1993National Service billY
07/22/1993National Service Educational Awards AmendmentY
10/02/1992School ImprovementY
05/21/1992Youth Program FundingN
01/28/1992School Aid - PassageY
01/23/1992School ChoiceN

Employment and Affirmative Action

Date Bill TitleVote
05/11/2004Unemployment Benefits AmendmentY
03/06/1998Disadvantaged Business Enterprises AmendmentY
03/03/1993Unemployment Benefits Extension - PassageY

Energy Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
08/01/2006Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006N
03/16/2006ANWR Revenues AmendmentN
03/16/2006LIHEAP Funding AmendmentY
11/03/2005Alaska Judicial Review AmendmentY
10/26/2005Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program AmendmentY
07/29/2005Energy Policy Act of 2005N
06/28/2005Energy Policy Act of 2005Y
06/16/2005Reduction in Dependence on Foreign OilY
06/16/2005Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) AmendmentY
06/14/2005Environmental Effects Caused by Ethanol AmendmentN
03/16/2005Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling AmendmentY
07/31/2003Energy Omnibus billY
06/10/2003Hydrogen Fuel Cell AmendmentY
06/10/2003Reduction of Foreign Oil Dependence AmendmentY
04/25/2002Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE) Act of 2001Y
04/15/1997Nuclear Waste Disposal billN
04/15/1997Yucca Mountain Alternate Sites amendmentN
07/31/1996Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1996N
06/30/1994Advanced Liquid Metal ReactorN
07/23/1992Consider 1992 Energy BillY
02/19/1992National Energy PolicyY
02/18/1992Property RightsY
11/01/1991Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - ClotureN
03/16/1988Nuclear Accident Liability-Tabling MotionNV

Environmental Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
12/21/2005Removal of ANWR Provision from HR 2863Y
11/03/2005ANWR AmendmentY
09/13/2005EPA's Clean Air Mercury RuleY
10/30/2003Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003N
04/06/2000Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling amendmentN
02/10/2000Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments ActN
09/17/1996Federal Land Grazing Fee AmendmentN
08/02/1996Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1995Y
10/08/1994California Desert WildernessY
08/03/1994Ethanol AmendmentN
04/13/1994California Desert Protection Act of 1994NV
05/04/1993Department of the Environment ActY
08/06/1992Forest Service AppealsN
08/06/1992Timber Sales & Spotted OwlY
08/06/1992Grazing FeesN
08/05/1992Mining Law RevisionsY
03/26/1992Montana Wilderness BillY
02/19/1992Limit Oil and Gas MoratoriumN
11/01/1991Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - ClotureN
10/24/1991Federal Facility Compliance Act - PassageY

Executive Branch

Date Bill TitleVote
03/20/2007United States Attorneys Act of 2007NV
12/07/2006Andrew von Eschenbach, Commissioner of Food and DrugsNV
12/06/2006Robert Gates, Secretary of DefenseNV
05/26/2006Michael Hayden ConfirmationY
01/31/2006Samuel Alito, Associate JusticeN
09/27/2005John Roberts, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme CourtN
06/20/2005Second cloture motion on John Bolton, Ambassador to UNN
06/14/2005Thomas B. Griffith, US Circuit JudgeY
06/09/2005Janice R Brown, US Circuit CourtN
06/09/2005William H. Pryor, Jr., US Circuit JudgeN
06/09/2005Richard A Griffin, US Circuit JudgeNV
06/09/2005David W. McKeague, US Circuit JudgeNV
05/26/2005First cloture motion on John Bolton, Ambassador to UNN
05/25/2005Priscilla R. Owen, US Circuit JudgeN
05/24/2005Motion to invoke cloture on Priscilla R. OwenN
04/21/2005John Negroponte, Director of National IntelligenceY
02/15/2005Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland SecurityY
02/03/2005Alberto R. Gonzales, for Attorney GeneralN
01/26/2005Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of StateY
01/06/2005Objection to Presidential Electoral Vote CertificateN
10/28/2003Michael Leavitt, Adiminstrator of the EPAY
01/22/2003Thomas Ridge, Secretary of Homeland SecurityY
02/01/2001John Ashcroft for Attorney GeneralN
01/30/2001Christine Todd Whitman for Administrator of the EPAY
01/30/2001Gale Ann Norton for Secretary of the InteriorN
01/24/2001Norman Y. Mineta for Secretary of TransportationY
01/24/2001Thompson for Secretary of Health and Human ServicesY
01/23/2001Martinez for Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentY
01/23/2001Anthony Principi for Secretary of Veterans AffairsY
02/03/2000Alan Greenspan for Chairman of the Federal ReserveY
10/05/1999Ronnie L. White for U.S. District Judge in MissouriY
08/05/1999Richard Holbrooke for Representative to the UNY
07/01/1999Lawrence H. Summers for Secretary of the TreasuryY
02/12/1999Impeachment of President Clinton - Article INV
02/12/1999Impeachment of President Clinton - Article IINV
02/10/1998David Satcher for Surgeon GeneralY
04/30/1997Alexis M. Herman for Secretary of LaborY
03/12/1997Secretary of Energy NominationY
02/06/1997Secretary of Transportation NominationY
01/30/1997William M. Daley, Secretary of Commerce NominationY
01/29/1997Andrew M. Cuomo for Secretary of HUDY
01/22/1997Madeleine Albright, Secretary of StateY
01/22/1997William S. Cohen for Secretary of DefenseY
06/20/1996Greenspan NominationY
06/20/1996Nomination of Laurence H. MeyerY
06/20/1996Nomination of Alice M. RivlinY
03/27/1996Line-Item Veto billY
06/22/1995Foster Nomination Second Cloture VoteY
03/23/1995Line-Item Veto billY
07/29/1994Stephen G Breyer, U.S. Supreme CourtY
06/21/1994Whitewater Hearings - Limit HearingsY
05/25/1994Sam W. Brown, Jr., Ambassador to CSCEY
04/19/1994Adm. Frank B. Kelso II RetirementN
11/02/1993Packwood DiariesY
09/07/1993Dr. Elders as U.S. Surgeon GeneralY
08/03/1993Ginsburg Supreme Court ConfirmationY
02/27/1992Line Item VetoN
11/05/1991Robert Gates ConfirmationN
10/15/1991Thomas ConfirmationN

Family and Children Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
07/25/2006 Child Custody Protection ActN
07/25/2006Teen Pregnancy Education AmendmentY
07/14/2004Federal Marriage AmendmentN
04/10/2003Enhance AMBER Alert billY
02/24/2003Enhance AMBER Alert billNV
02/04/1993Family & Medical Leave billY
07/30/1992Benefits for Domestic PartnersY
04/12/1992Sexual SurveysN

Foreign Aid and Policy Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
05/24/2007Emergency Departmental Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007Y
09/07/2006Media in the Middle East AmendmentN
03/16/2006National Defense Funding AmendmentN
11/15/2005Reporting Matters in Iraq AmendmentY
11/15/2005Iraq Progress Reports AmendmentY
12/07/2001International Courts AmendmentN
05/18/2000Troop Withdrawal from Kosovo AmendmentY
03/23/1999Kosovo ResolutionY
10/09/1998Religious Persecution Freedom billY
09/01/1998Nuclear Test Ban Treaty AmendmentY
06/24/1998Bosnia and Herzegovina Withdrawal AmendmentY
05/22/1998Iran Missile Sanctions billN
04/28/1998State Department FY98-99 Authorization billN
03/13/1998Saddam Hussein War Crime Prosecution billY
04/24/1997Chemical Weapons Convention billY
03/05/1996Cuba Sanctions billY
01/26/1996The START II TreatyY
12/13/1995Deployment of US Armed Forces in Bosnia-HerzegovinaY
10/19/1995Cuba Sanctions billNV
07/26/1995Bosnia and Herzegovina Self-Defense Act of 1995Y
07/14/1994Military Operations in Haiti AmendmentY
07/01/1994End U.S. Arms Embargo of BosniaY
06/29/1994Military Operations in Haiti AmendmentN
05/12/1994Bosnia-Herzegovina Policy AmendmentY
05/12/1994Bosnia Arms Embargo AmendmentN
01/27/1994Vietnam Trade EmbargoY
10/21/1993Restriction of Funding for Haiti Operations AmendmentN
09/09/1993U.S. Policy Towards Somalia AmendmentY
10/01/1992Ratification of the START TreatyY
10/01/19921993 Foreign Operations FundingY
07/02/1992Domestic Programs & Foreign AidY
07/02/1992Aid to RussiaY
04/01/1992Foreign Aid FundingY
01/12/1991Gulf War Authorization - PassageN

Government Reform

Date Bill TitleVote
11/19/2002Homeland Security Act of 2002Y
05/06/1993Lobbying Disclosure - PassageY

Gun Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
07/13/2006Firearm Confiscation Prohibition AmendmentY
07/29/2005Firearms Manufacturers Protection billN
07/28/2005Child Safety Lock AmendmentY
03/02/2004Firearms Manufacturers Protection billN
05/20/1999Gun Show Sale Regulation AmendmentY
07/21/1998Gun Lock Requirement AmendmentN
11/20/1993Brady Handgun billY
11/19/1993Brady Bill - Waiting Period SunsetY
11/17/1993Violent Crime Control and Law EnforcementY
06/28/1991Handgun Waiting Period - AmendmentY

Health Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
05/07/2007FDA Drug Import Certification AmendmentNV
11/03/2005Medicaid Generic Drug AmendmentY
11/03/2005Medical Assistance and Prescription Drug AmendmentY
11/03/2005Hurricane Health Care for Survivors AmendmentY
10/27/2005AIDS Drug Assistance Program AmendmentY
03/17/2005Medicaid AmendmentN
06/27/2003Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit billY
07/31/2002Greater Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals ActY
06/29/2001Patients' Bill of Rights billY
06/29/2000Off-budget Lockbox AmendmentY
06/29/2000Social Security and Medicare Surplus AmendmentN
06/29/2000Health Care AmendmentN
06/22/2000Outpatient Prescription Drugs AmendmentY
07/15/1999Patient Bill of Rights billN
07/15/1999Patient Lawsuit AmendmentN
07/14/1999Women's Health and Cancer Rights AmendmentN
06/22/1999Patients' Bill of Rights AmendmentN
02/11/1998Human Cloning Research billN
06/25/1997Private Contracts AmendmentY
04/16/1997Assisted Suicide BillY
08/02/1996Health Insurance Portability billY
04/18/1996Deletion of Medical Savings Accounts AmendmentY
07/27/1995Ryan White CARE reauthorization Act of 1995Y
02/18/1993Prohibiting Immigrants with AIDS From Entering US AmdtY
07/18/1991AIDS DisclosureY
06/08/1988Catastrophic Health Insurance-Conference ReportNV
04/28/1988AIDS Research and Education-Promoting HomosexualityNV
04/28/1988AIDS Research and Education-Promoting HomosexualityNV

Housing and Property Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
07/12/1988FY 1989 HUD Approps.-NASA/UDAG ProgramNV


Date Bill TitleVote
10/31/2006Secure Fence Act of 2006Y
07/13/2006Double-Layered Fencing AmendmentN
06/20/2006Triple-Layered Fencing AmendmentY
05/25/2006Confidentiality Requirement AmendmentN
05/25/2006Immigration Reform BillY
05/24/2006H-2C Visa Program AmmendmentY
05/23/2006Orange Card Program AmendmentY
05/23/2006Employer Verification AmendmentY
05/18/2006"State Criminal Alien Assistance Program" AmendmentY
05/18/2006English As National Language AmendmentN
05/18/2006English as Unifying Language AmendmentY
05/17/2006Employment-based Immigrant Visa AmendmentN
10/03/2000American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act, 2000Y
07/23/1998Temporary Farm Workers AmendmentY
05/18/1998U.S. Citizen Recruitment AmendmentN
05/18/1998Non-Immigrant Specialty Workers billN
05/02/1996Public Assistance to Legal Immigrants AmendmentN
05/02/1996Immigration Reform billY
05/01/1996Asylum Seeker AmendmentY
05/01/1996Citizen Verification Pilot Program AmendmentY
04/30/1996Legal Immigrants Assistance Eligibility AmendmentN
04/25/1996Foreign Student Public Education AmendmentN
04/25/1996Foreign Student Program AmendmentN
03/25/19941995 Budget ResolutionN


Date Bill TitleVote
05/24/2007Emergency Departmental Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007Y
04/26/2007Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007 with Iraq Withdrawal TimelineY
06/21/2006Minimum Wage Adjustment AmendmentY
06/21/2006Increasing Minimum Wage AmendmentN
03/06/2001Ergonomics Regulations resolutionN
11/09/1999Two Year Minimum Wage Increase AmendmentN
11/09/1999Three Year Minimum Wage Increase AmendmentN
07/10/1996Teamwork for Employees and Managers Act of 1995N
07/10/1996Team ActN
07/09/1996Minimum Wage Increase AmendmentY
07/12/1994Striker ReplacementY
10/02/1991Employee Unpaid Leave - Substitute AmendmentY
10/01/1991Extending Unemployment Benefits - Conference ReportY
09/23/1988Minimum Wage Increase-ClotureY
06/08/1988Omnibus Trade-Veto OverrideNV

Legal Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
02/10/2005Class Action Fairness Act of 2005N
04/22/2004Victims' Rights billY
03/25/2004Unborn Victims of Violence Act 2004N
05/13/1998Securities Litigation billN

06/29/1994Product Liability billN
09/10/1992Product Reliability - ClotureN
05/14/1992Product Reliability - Lower AwardsY

Military Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
05/24/2007Emergency Departmental Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007Y
04/26/2007Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill of 2007 with Iraq Withdrawal TimelineY
03/27/2007Iraq Withdrawal AmendmentN
03/15/2007United States Policy in Iraq Resolution of 2007Y
09/28/2006Habeas Review AmendmentY
09/28/2006Military Commissions AmendmentY
09/28/2006Oversight of CIA Interrogation and Detention AmendmentY
09/28/2006Military Commissions Act of 2006N
09/06/2006Cluster Munitions AmendmentN
06/22/2006Troop Redeployment AmendmentN
02/02/2006Military Funding and Tax Cuts AmendmentY
05/21/2004Condemning Iraq Abuse of Prisoners resolutionY
10/11/2002Use of Military Force Against IraqY
09/09/1993Gays in the Military AmendmentY
02/04/1993Homosexual Discrimination in the Military AmendmentY
03/15/1988Presidential Notification of Covert Operations-PassageNV

National Security Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
09/13/2006Security of Cargo Containers AmendmentY
09/12/2006National Security AmendmentY
07/12/2006Rail and Transit Security AmendmentY
07/11/2006USEMA AmendmentY
07/11/2006FEMA AmendmentN
03/02/2006USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention ReauthorizationY
12/16/2005USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention ReauthorizationN
07/14/2005Disclosure of Classified Information AmendmentY
10/06/2004National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004Y
10/25/2001USA Patriot Act of 2001Y
09/14/2001Military Force Authorization resolutionY
04/17/1996Comprehensive Terrorism Prevention ActY
06/07/1995Comprehensive Terrorism Prevention ActY
06/06/1995Anti-terrorism Wiretaps AmendmentY

Regulatory Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
09/24/1997Prescription Drug billY
07/11/1995Small Business Impact AnalysisY
07/10/1995Small Business Impact AnalysesN
10/05/1992Cable Regulation - Veto OverrideY
09/22/1992Cable Regulation - Conference ReportY
01/31/1992Cable Regulation - PassageY

Science and Medical Research
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Date Bill TitleVote
04/11/2007Stem Cell Research Act of 2007Y
04/11/2007HOPE Stem Cell Research Act of 2007Y
07/18/2006Stem Cell Research BillY
09/22/1993Advanced Solid Rocket Motor AmendmentN

Senior and Social Security Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
02/02/2006Medicare Part D AmendmentY
11/17/2005Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit AmendmentY
11/03/2005Medicare Premiums AmendmentY
11/03/2005Prescription Drug Plan AmendmentY
03/17/2005Prescription Drugs AmendmentY
03/22/2000Social Security Earnings CapY
12/06/1995Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995N
06/24/1993Social Security Benefits TaxationY
09/10/1992Social Security 'Notch' LegislationN
09/10/1992Social Security Earnings TestY
04/24/1991Social Security Payroll TaxN

Social Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
06/07/2006Same Sex Marriage ResolutionN
06/11/2002Hate Crimes BillY
09/14/1999Puerto Rican Nationals resolutionY

Technology and Communication
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Date Bill TitleVote
10/22/2003Reduction of SPAM billY
09/25/2003Do-Not-Call Registry billY
09/16/2003FCC Media Ownership billY
10/08/1998Internet Tax Freedom billY
07/23/1998Internet Gambling AmendmentN
02/01/1996Telecommunications billY
06/15/1995Telecommunications billY
09/09/1992Space Station FundingNV
08/03/1992Superconducting Super Collider FundingN

Trade Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
09/19/2006U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement ImplementationN
06/29/2006U.S. -Oman Free Trade AgreementN
07/28/2005CAFTA Implementation BillN
06/30/2005CAFTA Implementation BillN
07/07/2003U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement Implementation ActN
07/07/2003U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement Implementation ActN
08/01/2002Trade Act of 2002N
09/19/2000U.S.-China Relations Act of 2000Y
09/13/2000China Nonproliferation ActY
05/11/2000Africa Free Trade billY
11/03/1999Africa Free Trade billY
07/17/1997 Most Favored Nation Repeal AmendmentN
12/01/1994Uruguay Round Agreements ActY
11/20/1993Approve NAFTAY
06/30/1993GATT Uruguay Round billY
10/01/1992China Trade Status - Veto Override IIY
03/18/1992China Trade Status - Veto Override IY
07/23/1991MFN for China in 1992 - PassageY
06/08/1988Omnibus Trade-Veto OverrideNV

Transportation Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
07/29/2005Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for UsersY
05/17/2005Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for UsersY
02/12/2004Highway Trust Fund billY
06/12/2003Aviation Administration FY2004-2006 Authorization billY
09/21/2001Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization ActY
05/22/1998Transportation Reauthorization billY
03/12/1998Intermodal Transportation AmendmentY
03/04/1998Blood Alcohol Content AmendmentY
10/03/1996Federal Aviation Authorization Act of 1996Y
11/17/1995National Highway System Designation Act of 1995N
06/21/1995Drinking and Driving Minors AmendmentY
06/20/1995Commercial Vehicle Speed Limit AmendmentY
06/20/1995Motorcycle Helmet AmendmentN
05/20/1992Transportation Project FundingY
11/27/1991Surface Transportation - Conference ReportY
06/19/1991Interstate Maintenance - Tabling MotionY

Veterans Issues
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Date Bill TitleVote
02/02/2006Tax Rate Extension AmendmentY
11/17/2005Additional Funding For Veterans AmendmentY
10/05/2005Health Care for Veterans AmendmentY
04/10/1992Veterans' CompensationY

Welfare and Poverty
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Date Bill TitleVote
08/01/1996Welfare Reform Act of 1996Y
07/23/1996Welfare Reform Act of 1996Y
12/22/1995Welfare Reform BillN
09/19/1995Welfare Reform BillY
09/14/1995Naturalized Citizen AmendmentY
04/10/1992Welfare Recipients Who MoveN
03/13/1992Welfare and WorkfareY
01/28/1992Welfare and School AttendenceY
06/16/1988Welfare Overhaul Work Requirement-Tabling MotionNV