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Bill Richardson on the Issues

 A note about our methodology:

What distinguishes this site is that we only compile impartial data - we do not measure or compare campaign rhetoric, promises, or spin.

Even though Governor Richardson has a very strong track record in New Mexico, we are concerned only with objective comparisons on national issues.

Included below is the best objective data we have compiled on this candidate:


Top 8 Voter Issues for 2008:


Majority of Americans

Bill Richardson

Iraq War

No (72%)


Patriot Act

No (76%)


Unrestricted Reproductive Rights

Yes (52%)



No (68%)


Amnesty program for non-citizens

Yes (57%)


Marriage Equality

No (54%)


Living Wage

Yes (59%)


Universal Health Care

Yes (59%)



Abortion Issues
Date Bill TitleVote
02/13/1997Population Planning billNV
07/22/1996Non-Federally Funded Abortions AmendmentY
03/07/1996Medicaid Funded Abortions AmendmentY
11/01/1995Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995N
09/07/1995Overseas Military AbortionsN
06/15/1995Overseas Military Abortion AmendmentY
05/24/1995Foreign Abortion Ban AmendmentN
05/05/1994Abortion Clinic Access billNV
11/18/1993Abortion Clinic AccessN
06/30/1993Hyde AmendmentN
03/25/1993Abortion Counseling BillY
03/11/1993Fetal Tissue Research BillY
10/03/1992Abortions in Overseas Military Facilities - PassageY
05/12/1992Legal Services Corporation FundsN

Agriculture Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
03/29/1996Agricultural Market Transition ActY
02/29/1996Agricultural Market Transition ActY
02/28/1996Peanut Program AmendmentN
02/28/1996Sugar Program AmendmentN
02/28/1996Dairy Program AmendmentY
10/12/1995Appropriations bill FY96, AgricultureY


Date Bill TitleVote
09/28/1996Omnibus FY97 Appropriations billY
09/24/1996Veterans Affairs, HUD FY97 Appropriations billY
07/24/1996Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Funding AmendmentN
06/26/1996Veterans Affairs, HUD FY97 Appropriations billY
06/13/1996Defense Department FY97 Appropriations billNV
06/13/1996Department of Defense Appropriations AmendmentN
06/13/1996Spaced-based Weapons AmendmentY
04/25/1996Appropriations bill FY96, OmnibusY
03/07/1996Appropriations bill FY96, OmnibusN
01/04/19961996 Interior AppropriationsN
12/15/1995Authorization bill FY96, Defense DepartmentY
12/13/1995Interior Department FY96 Appropriations billN
12/07/1995Veterans Affairs, HUD FY '96 Appropriations billN
12/06/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Commerce, Justice, StateN
11/16/1995Continuing Appropration billN
11/16/1995Appropriations bill FY96, DefenseY
11/15/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Teasury, Postal ServiceY
11/02/1995Appropriations bill FY 96, District of ColumbiaN
10/31/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Legislative BranchY
10/12/1995Omnibus Civilian Science Authorization Act of 1995N
09/20/1995Military Construction FY96 Appropriations billY
09/07/1995Appropriations bill FY96, DefenseY
08/04/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Labor, HHS, EducationN
08/03/1995Corporation for Public Broadcasting AmendmentN
07/31/1995Veterans Affairs, HUD FY '96 Appropriations billN
07/26/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Commerce, Justice, StateN
07/19/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Treasury, Postal ServiceN
07/11/1995Appropriations bill, FY96, Foreign RelationsY
07/11/1995Appropriations bill FY96, Foreign RelationsNV
06/21/1995Military Construction FY96 Appropriations billY
09/27/1994Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations bill FY95Y
09/12/1994Appropriations bill FY95, Veterans Admin, HUDY
08/18/1994Appropriations bill FY95, Commerce, Justice, StateY
08/04/1994Foreign Operations FY95 Appropriations billY
07/13/1994Fiscal 1995 District of Columbia Budget - PassageY
06/29/1994Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations bill FY95Y
06/29/1994Veterans Admin, HUD Appropriations bill FY95Y
06/28/1994Appropriations bill FY95, Commerce, Justice, StateY
06/23/1994Interior Department FY95 Appropriations billY
06/16/1994Transportation FY95 Appropriations billY
06/16/1994Interstate Commerce Commission FundingN
06/15/1994Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations bill FY95Y
05/25/1994Foreign Operations FY95 Appropriations billY
05/24/1994Military Construction FY95 Appropriations billY
03/24/1994Elementary and Secondary Education Act - PassageY
02/11/1994Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 1994NV
02/03/1994Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 1994Y
10/27/1993District of Columbia FY94 Appropriations BillY
10/20/1993Appropriations Bill for FY94 for District of ColumbiaY
10/19/1993Appropriations bill FY94 Commerce, Justice, StateNV
10/19/1993Veterans Admin, HUD Appropriations bill FY94Y
10/07/1993Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations billY
09/29/1993Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations bill FY94Y
09/29/1993Foreign Operations FY94 Appropriations billY
07/20/1993Appropriations bill FY94 Commerce, Justice, StateY
06/30/1993D.C. Appropriations House VersionY
06/30/1993Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations billY
06/29/1993Veterans Admin, HUD Appropriations bill FY94Y
06/23/1993Military Construction FY94 Appropriations billY
06/22/1993Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations bill FY94Y
06/17/1993Foreign Operations FY94 Appropriations billY
06/10/1993Legislative Branch FY94 Appropriations billY
05/19/1993National Competitiveness Act - FundingY
05/19/1993National Competitiveness Act - U.S. CitizensN
05/19/1993National Competitiveness Act - PassageY
03/19/1993Economic Stimulus PackageY
07/30/1992Funding for TV Marti - First VoteN
07/30/1992Funding for TV Marti - Second VoteN
06/18/1992Disaster Relief - Conference ReportY
05/14/1992Disaster Relief FundingY
05/12/1992Legal Services Corporation FundingY

Arts and Humanities

Date Bill TitleVote
07/22/1992National Endowment for the Arts [NEA] FundingN
10/24/1991Funding of Offensive ArtN

Budget, Spending and Taxes

Date Bill TitleVote
06/12/1996FY1997 Appropriations Act Treasury, Postal ServiceN
05/22/1996Minimum Wage Increase billY
05/21/1996Repeal Gas Tax billY
05/16/1996FY1997 Appropriations Act Treasury, Postal ServiceN
10/26/1995Budget Reconciliation billN
06/29/1995Budget FY2006 Appropriations ResolutionN
06/29/1995Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and RescissionsN
05/18/1995Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and RescissionsN
05/18/1995Budget FY1996 Appropriations ResolutionN
04/05/1995Contract With America Tax Relief Act of 1995N
03/16/1995Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and RescissionsN
01/26/1995Balanced Budget Proposed Constitutional AmendmentY
08/17/1994Non-Emergency Spending ProvisionsY
07/21/1994Entitlement Spending CapsN
07/19/1994Intelligence Funding - 'Black Budget'NV
03/17/1994Balanced Budget AmendmentY
03/11/1994Fiscal 1995 Budget Resolution - GOP AlternativeN
03/11/1994Fiscal 1995 Budget Resolution - PassageY
02/03/1994Fiscal 1994 Disaster Relief FundingN
11/22/1993'Penny-Kasich Amendment' - Spending CutsN
11/22/1993Resolution Trust Corporation Completion ActY
11/22/1993Government Reform and Savings ActY
08/05/19931994 Budget Reconciliation - Conference ReportY
05/27/19931994 Budget Reconciliation - PassageY
03/31/1993Fiscal 1994 Budget Resolution - AdoptionY
03/18/1993Fiscal 1994 Budget Resolution - Kasich AmendmentN
03/18/1993Fiscal 1994 Budget Resolution - Substitute Amendment 21N
07/09/1992Apply Savings to Deficit ReductionN
07/02/19921992 Urban Aid and Tax BillY
05/21/1992Fiscal 1993 Budget Resolution - Conference ReportY
04/01/1992Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] Financing - PassageN
03/31/1992Eliminate Budget Firewalls - PassageN
03/25/19921992 Budget Reconciliation - Veto OverrideY
03/20/19921992 Budget Reconciliation - Conference ReportY
03/21/1991Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] Funding - ConferenceN
10/26/1990Fiscal 1991 Budget Reconciliation Act - ConferenceY

Campaign Finance and Election Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
07/25/1996Campaign Finance Reform billN
11/22/1993Campaign Spending Limits billY
05/05/1993Motor Voter BillY
03/03/1993Hatch Act Reform billY
02/04/1993Motor Voter billY
07/24/1992Voting Language AssistanceN
07/24/1992The Voting Rights Language Assistance Act - PassageY
04/09/1992Public Financing of CampaignsN
04/09/1992Campaign Finance Reform - Conference ReportY
11/25/1991Campaign Finance Reform - PassageY

Civil Liberties

Date Bill TitleVote
07/12/1996Definition of Marriage AmendmentY
07/12/1996Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)Y
06/28/1995Flag Desecration billY

Civil Rights

Date Bill TitleVote
11/07/1991Civil Rights Act of 1991 [S1745] - RuleY
06/05/1991Civil Rights Act of 1991 [House Version] - PassageY
06/04/1991Damages for DiscriminationY
07/12/1990Americans with Disabilities Act - Conference ReportY

Congressional Affairs

Date Bill TitleVote
02/12/1997Term Limits resolutionNV
03/29/1995Term Limits billN
03/24/1994Lobbyist Registration & Gift Ban - PassageY
04/29/1992House Bank Records - Allow Court to DecideY
04/09/1992Reform House Administration OperationsY
03/12/1992House Bank Overdraft DisclosureY
11/16/1989The Government Ethics Reform Act of 1989 - PassageN

Crime Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
08/02/1996Aviation Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1996Y
05/07/1996Megan's LawY
03/13/1996Habeas Corpus Reform AmendmentN
02/14/1995Anti-Crime billN
02/08/1995Anti-crime billN
08/21/1994Omnibus Crime Bill - Conference ReportY
04/21/1994Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994Y
04/14/1994Death Penalty Removal AmendmentN
11/19/1993Youth Offenders Alternative Punishment - PassageY
09/24/1992Death Penalty - District of ColumbiaY
10/22/1991Racial Discrimination in Death SentencesY
10/22/19911991 Omnibus Crime Bill - PassageY
10/22/1991Race and Death Row AppealsY
10/17/1991Search and SeizureY
10/16/1991Death PenaltyN


Date Bill TitleVote
09/10/1996National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997Y
05/22/1996Disclosure of Intelligence Spending AmendmentY
05/15/1996Cooperative Threat Reduction Program AmendmentN
05/15/1996Former Soviet Union Defense Conversion AmendmentN
05/15/1996National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997Y
01/24/1996Authorization bill FY96, Defense DepartmentY
01/03/1996Authorization bill FY96, Defense DepartmentN
06/15/1995Authorization bill FY96, Defense DepartmentY
02/16/1995National Security Revitalization ActN
05/24/1994National Defense Authorization Act, 1994 - HaitiN
05/23/1994National Defense Authorization Act, 1994 -Selective SvsN
09/09/1993Overseas Forces in EuropeN
06/28/1993Selective Service AmendmentNV
05/25/1993Authorization for Use of U.S. Armed Forces in SomaliaY
07/02/1992Strategic Defense Initiative [SDI] FundingN
07/02/1992B-2 Bomber Funding - Reduce Amount RequestedN
06/05/1992Reduce SDI FundingN
06/05/1992B-2 Bomber Funding - Cut by $2.7 BillionY
06/04/1992Russian Nuclear Weapons Reduction FundingY
06/04/1992Nuclear Weapons TestingN
06/04/1992Defense ConversionY
06/04/1992Decrease Defense SpendingN
05/07/1992Seawolf Submarine FundingN
06/07/1991MX MissileN
05/20/1991SDI TerminationN

Drug Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
06/22/1993Drug TestingN
05/28/1992Syringes for Drug AddictsN
05/19/1992Drug Abuse & Mental Health Program Funding - PassageY
09/24/1991Drug and Alcohol TestingY


Date Bill TitleVote
07/11/1996Education and Training Programs AmendmentY
07/11/1996School Improvement Programs AmendmentY
03/24/1994Homosexuality Education AmendmentY
03/24/1994Funding and Programs Substitute AmendmentN
03/23/1994Goals 2000: Educate America ActY
03/22/1994Optional Abstinence Emphasis AmendmentY
03/09/1994Tobacco Education AmendmentY
02/24/1994Elementary and Secondary Education Act - Home SchoolingY
10/13/1993Goals 2000: Educate America ActY
08/06/1993National Service billY
07/28/1993National Service billY
03/26/1992Higher Education Financial Aid - PassageY

Energy Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
07/25/1996Energy Research Appropriation AmendmentY
07/25/1996Renewable Energy Research AmendmentY
10/26/1993Energy & Water Development AppropriationY
10/05/1992National Energy Policy - Conference ReportY
05/27/1992Strategic Petroleum ReserveY
05/27/1992Radioactive Waste DisposalY
05/20/1992Increase Ethanol UseY
05/20/1992Nuclear Power Plant LicensingN
05/20/1992Natural Gas PricingN

Environmental Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
08/02/1996Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1995Y
06/20/1996Forest Service Funding AmendmentY
06/12/1996Animal Damage Control Program AmendmentN
02/29/1996Agricultural Conservation Programs AmendmentY
02/29/1996Florida Everglades AmendmentY
07/18/1995Interior Department FY96 Appropriations billNV
05/16/1995Comprehensive Wetlands Conservation and Management ActN
07/14/1994California Desert Act - Land AppraisalsN
07/12/1994California Desert Act - Hunting ExemptionN
02/02/1994Department of Environmental Protection ActY
11/18/1993Mining Law Overhaul - PassageY
10/02/1992Montana Wilderness BillY
07/22/1992Grazing FeesY
05/27/1992Hydroelectric Project LicensingN
05/06/1992Undersea ResearchY

Executive Branch

Date Bill TitleVote
01/21/1997In the matter of Representative Newt GingrichY
06/27/1996Speaker Newt Gingrich Ethics BillN
02/06/1995Line Item Veto ActY
02/10/1994Congressional Independent Counsel CoverageY
07/21/1992Line Item VetoN
04/29/1992House Bank Records - Special CounselY

Family and Children Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
07/12/1996Family Planning Services Clinics AmendmentY
02/04/1993Agreeing to Family and Medical Leave BillY
02/03/1993Family & Medical Leave billY
09/24/1992Benefits for Domestic PartnersN

Foreign Aid and Policy Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
04/30/1996Authorization bill, FY96-97, Foreign RelationsN
03/12/1996Authorization bill, FY96-97, Foreign RelationsN
03/06/1996Cuba Sanctions billN
12/13/1995Troop Deployment in Bosnia BillN
11/17/1995U.S. Troops in Bosnia Funding BillN
10/30/1995Bosnia Troop Deployment ResolutionN
06/28/1995Abortion Funding Ban AmendmentN
06/08/1995Authorization bill, FY96-97, Foreign RelationsN
06/09/1994Lifting Arms Embargo on Bosnia AmendmentY
05/24/1994U.S. Policy on Haiti AmendmentN
05/24/1994U.S. Policy on Haiti Substitute AmendmentY
10/05/19921993 Foreign Aid - Conference ReportY
10/03/1992Aid To Russia - Conference ReportY
07/28/1992Supplemental Defense FundingY
03/31/1992Foreign Aid FundingY
10/30/1991Foreign Aid Spending - Conference ReportY
06/19/1991Aid to IsraelN
01/12/1991Gulf War Authorization - PassageN

Government Reform

Date Bill TitleVote
03/07/1996Lobby Disclosure AmendmentN
11/29/1995Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995Y
11/28/1995Prohibit Federal Funds for Lobbying AmendmentN
11/04/1991Banking Overhaul - PassageN

Gun Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
03/22/1996Gun Ban Repeal Act of 1995Y
05/05/1994Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use ProtectionN
11/23/1993Brady Handgun billN
11/10/1993Brady Bill - Waiting Period SunsetY
11/10/1993Brady Handgun billN
11/10/1993Instant Background Checks for Gun Purchase AmendmentY
10/17/1991Assault WeaponsY

Health Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
08/01/1996Health Insurance Portability billY
07/11/1996Drug Price AmendmentN
07/11/1996Human Embryo Research AmendmentY
05/01/1996Ryan White CARE reauthorization Act of 1995Y
03/28/1996Health Insurance Portability billN
10/19/1995Medicare Preservation Act of 1995N

Housing and Property Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
03/03/1995Private Property Protection Act of 1995N
09/12/1994Approve $290 Million for HUD Special Purpose GrantsY


Date Bill TitleVote
09/25/1996Immigration Reform billN
03/21/1996Immigration Reform billN
03/20/1996Immigrant Public Assistance AmendmentY
03/20/1996Denying Public Education to Undocumented ImmigrantsN
03/20/1996Immigrant English Proficiency AmendmentN
07/22/1994Prohibiting Benefits to Undocumented ImmigrantsN


Date Bill TitleVote
08/02/1996Minimum Wage Increase billY
07/30/1996Working Families Flexibility Act of 1996NV
07/11/1996Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds AmendmentY
05/23/1996Minimum Wage AmendmentY
05/23/1996Fair Labor Standards Act AmendmentN
05/23/1996Fair Labor Standards Act AmendmentN
05/23/1996Minimum Wage Increase billY
09/27/1995Teamwork for Employees and Managers Act of 1995N
11/09/1993Prevailing Wage Pre-emptionsY
06/15/1993Striker Replacement - PassageY
07/28/1992Davis-Bacon Construction ProjectsN
08/01/1991Flight Attendent Duty Time - PassageY

Legal Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
05/09/1996Product Liability billN
03/29/1996Product Liability billN
12/20/1995Legal Reform billN
12/06/1995Legal Reform billY
03/08/1995Legal Reform BillY

Military Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
09/28/1993'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'Y

National Security Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
04/18/1996Comprehensive Terrorism Prevention ActY
03/14/1996Antiterrorism billN

Regulatory Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
06/20/1996Tribal Land Trust AmendmentN
02/28/1995Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Act of 1995N
10/05/1992Cable Regulation - Veto OverrideN
09/24/1992Credit ReportingY
09/17/1992Cable Regulation - Conference ReportN
07/23/1992Satellite Access to CableY
07/23/1992Cable Regulation - PassageY
07/01/1992Vertical Price FixingY

Science and Medical Research

Date Bill TitleVote
07/29/1992Advanced Solid Rocket Motor FundingY

Senior and Social Security Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
04/09/1992Social Security Earnings TestY

Social Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
08/01/1996Bill Emerson English Language Empowerment Act of 1996N
11/21/1993District of Columbia StatehoodY
06/30/1993DC's Domestic Partners OrdinanceN

Technology and Communication

Date Bill TitleVote
02/01/1996Telecommunications billY
06/29/1994Space Station AmendmentN
10/19/1993Superconducting Super Collider Termination-Retain FundsY
06/28/1993Space Station AmendmentNV
06/23/1993Space Station Termination AmendmentY
07/29/1992Space Station FundingN
06/17/1992Superconductor FundingN
04/29/1992Terminate Space StationN

Trade Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
11/29/1994Uruguay Round Agreements ActY
11/17/1993Approve NAFTAY
07/21/1993China's Most Favored Nation StatusN
06/22/1993GATT Uruguay Round billY
09/30/1992China Trade Status - Veto Override IIY
07/31/1992Tariff ChangesY
07/21/1992China Trade StatusY
07/08/1992Japanese Car Export LimitY
07/08/1992Targetting Trade BarriersY
03/18/1992China Trade Status - Veto Override IY

Transportation Issues

Date Bill TitleVote
09/27/1996Federal Aviation Authorization Act of 1996N
04/17/1996Truth in Budgeting ActY
09/20/1995Repeal National Speed Limit AmendmentN
09/20/1995Drinking and Driving AmendmentY
07/09/1992Transportation FundingY
11/27/1991Surface Transportation - Conference ReportY

Welfare and Poverty

Date Bill TitleVote
07/31/1996Welfare Reform Act of 1996Y
07/18/1996Welfare Reform Act of 1996N
07/18/1996Food Stamp Recipient AmendmentY
06/06/1996Wisconsin Welfare Reform AmendmentY
06/06/1996Wisconsin Welfare Reform billN
12/21/1995Welfare Reform BillN
03/24/1995Welfare Reform BillN
08/06/1992Child Welfare and Nutrition BillN
08/06/1992Child Welfare and Nutrition - PassageY