Why Do We Fear?

posted Mar 11, 2017, 1:03 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

I, awareness, have nothing to fear.
Thus, all fear arises, not on my behalf.
On whose behalf, then, does fear arise?
On behalf of the self we imagine, think-up, and dream we are;
On behalf of the self that appears in the mind, in our dreams.

All fear appears only from our dreams, from our imagination 
On behalf of the self we imagine we are. These dreams and images in the mind
Appear in our true Self, awareness, and are knowm by our Self.

There is no real danger, and all suffering, unhappiness, and fear of harm, diminishment and death
Comes from the self we dream up; that we imagine, believe and feel 
Is weak, limited, vulnerable, lacking, needy and will eventually die.

Our true Self, awareness, pure consciousness, is dreaming and imagining these nightmares
While remaining completely untouched by them as they appear in us and are known by us.

And because I, awareness have nothing to fear or lose, 
I have nothing to resist, defend or protect. 
Thus, I am peace itself.

And because I, awareness have nothing to gain, 
I have nothing to seek.
Thus, I am happiness itself.

And because I, awareness am separate from nothing
And intimate with every experience while untouched by any experience
I am love itself, and freedom itself.

Know thyself as you truly are.