Who Am I, What Is My Purpose?

posted Mar 16, 2015, 9:49 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo

There is no personal self in reality, only in imagination.  
The personal self is the self that appears in our dreams.
Just as a mirage is real as imaginary water,
The personal self is real as an imaginary self.

The real self is impersonal, universal.
That is, the real self, awareness, has not objective properties.
Having no objective properties it has no form.
Having no form it has no limits.
Thus, our real Self , aware presence, has no limits, is impersonal, universal.
And the personal self is an image and narrative in "the mind" which appears in the real Self, awareness.
All we know or experience of "the mind" is the current thought and/or image.

The presence of awareness is all we ever really experience.  
I am.  I know that I am.
Knowing Being, being knowing.
Our only real purpose is simply "to be", or pure being, eternal being.
And this purpose is already and always accomplished with no effort, with no activity.

Seeing this clearly reveals that the ego, the imaginary, personal self has no purpose or function.
Hell, it does not even really exist except in the imagination.
But, to maintain the illusion of its existence,
To maintain this image in the mind,
It has to imagine that it is real.  
And it has to imagine a purpose or function other than pure being,
Because the purpose of pure being is already and eternally accomplished effortlessly with no activity,
With no need of a personal, imaginary self.

I am that I am
And that is that!