Who Am I?

posted Jan 12, 2019, 9:35 PM by Ricardo Hidalgo
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The "I" that we think we are is not the "I" that we truly are
The "I" that we truly are is aware of the "I" that we imagine we are, and is aware of all experience - every experience that we have ever experienced and will ever be experience - awareness itself, the Presence of awareness
This is the "I" that we are in reality

The thought-made self is limited, lacking, and vulnerable at minimum. At worst, it is bad; even bad for being so needy and lacking; longing for love, happiness, and security while believing and feeling undeserving of these; caught in an endless vicious cycle - bad for longing what it does not deserve.

Thank goodness it is not the "I" we truly are - that which is aware of this, and of all experience - awareness itself!

What can we say about the nature of awareness, our true "I", from our own intimate, immediate experience of being aware? 

How limited, lacking, needy and vulnerable is it, are we?

What does awareness, "I", need?

What does awareness, "I", lack?

What can harm "I", awareness?

What is the shape, size, color, gender, age, location of awareness?

What experience can change awareness?

Can any experience add to, or diminish awareness, "I"?

Does the experience of being aware, awareness itself, come and go; appear and disappear?

Don't refer to what thought imagines
Refer to your current, immediate, intimate experience
If thought assert, "My experience is that awareness comes and goes. In deep sleep it goes, on awakening it comes", ask yourself, "What is aware of the appearance and disappearance of awareness?" (If not awareness, "I"?)
Do "I", my Self disappear in deep sleep? No! The Self remains. Experience disappears, not "I".

Needing, lacking nothing "I", awareness am fulfilled, happy
Not being vulnerable to harm "I", awareness, am secure, at peace
Being present to and knowing all experience, "I", awareness am intimate with all experience. This is love
Having no objective properties such as size, color, shape, etc., "I", awareness am unlimited - infinite
Not appearing and disappearing, like all other experiences, "I" awareness am ever-present - eternal
Fearing nothing, needing nothing, seeking nothing, conflicting with nothing, "I", awareness take the shape of Beauty
Knowing myself as I truly am, knowing Truth, Reality, "I", awareness am wisdom and understanding

Why does the needy, lacking, vulnerable "I" we imagine we are long for love, peace, happiness, security, beauty and truth?
How does it know what to long for? 
Because these are the properties of our True Self, the "I" that we really are, appearing as the longing for these in the imagined, imaginary, dreamed self. The longing is like the wake-up call from our True Self to itself (the imaginary self).

Know Thyself!